Thursday, 20 September 2012

Classic Cotswolds

Just a quick Hi to show you what we did on our first afternoon off between tours....the cream of the Cotswolds and no words are required! Enjoy.....

 Larry is pointing to the "For Sale" sign.....hmmmmm!

 We have posted some goodies home (mostly Morris books!), and while we were sorting it all at the Post Office we discovered that this is where the local dogs come to get a treat!! Apparently one dog travelled for miles one day on a weekend and curled up on the post office doorstep waiting for it to open to get his treat. A great story and wonderful that he had an ID tag and could be returned to his owners after being missing for a day and a night! This is what we saw while waiting and in the background you can see the photos of the regulars.......

NO explanation required again....... (no wonder the jeans are getting tight!)


  1. I have loved reading about the tour,Michele. Your wonderful posts made me feel as I was there as well. Thank you.
    I can't believe those houses that look as if they belong in a fairy tale .

  2. Thank you so much for posting these photos and taking me back to my favorite part of the world. I am really craving some English bakery treats and a pub meal with a hard cider right about now!


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