Thursday, 13 September 2012

William Morris tour day three

All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Our day started with a visit to this delightful quilt shop....
and look what was out the back waiting for us.......
(Morris wallpaper and all!)
What a delicious morning tea - thanks girls!

And then it was the short journey to the most amazing Arts and Crafts collection. Wightwick Manor was everything and more and I feel so blessed I get to go back again in 2 weeks. So much to see and so much William Morris....every room was a Morris indulgence but sadly I cannot show you the interior. Click on the Manor link to have a peek....or better still - come and see it for yourself next year in the UK!! Helen tells me the first 2013 tour looks like being sold out so you had better hurry......all for Mr Morris of course! So here are some images to drool over.....

Now the photo above was after our visit - I am sure you would have had a good giggle if you saw the photos my tour mates took of me at the beginning of the tour.....lots of jumping up and down as I could not contain my excitement!!
While I was doing the obligatory stop in the William Morris shop (of course!), I had the most wonderful surprise. A UK quilter called Maureen had emailed me some years ago and sent photos of her beautiful Morris appliqué. She has been following my blog and made the journey with her husband to Wightwick hoping that she might just bump into me!! Well she did and there were a few tears on both sides. It was such a thrill - thanks Maureen - I am still chuffed (as I am by everyone on this tour who have come so far to join me!!). This is my moment of the opportune meeting with Maureen....
After this amazing morning we journeyed to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery to see some Morris, De Morgan and Burne-Jones talent - and a brief on Waterhouse's Lady of Shalott amongst it all....
 Apparently the sculpture above is known as the floozie in the jacuzzi!
 Jane Morris was there to greet us
 The stained glass panel above was Edward Burne-Jones very first one and the panel below is one of Morris's. It is always great to see the detail so close-up

Our evening concluded with an amazing dinner (and I might add every night has been amazing). But before dinner we had the honour of sharing evensong in the Birmingham Cathedral. To listen to the beautiful voices of the boys choir was something in itself...but to be surrounded by Burne-Jones stained glass was truly memorable.....

And at the base of this final window you can see an image that Burne-Jones put in of himself as a boy....quite charming and draped in Morris textile pattern
It is now time for me to "hit the sack".....we visit Kelmscott Manor tomorrow and for me that is a big highlight of this journey. So see you tomorrow (and love and hugs to family and friends back home that we are missing..... extra hugs to our girls and of course little Beau xxx)

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  1. Hello Michele and Larry
    Would love to come to Kelmscott Manor with you, after quilting all those Kelmscott quilts I feel like I should be there too.


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