Friday 5 June 2009

I think I've retired from nursing?!!

Today was just another day - but was it? I have just worked my last day as a registered nurse. I have given 35 years to nursing - tried to 'retire' before but we won airfares to London in a raffle and I had to go back and earn my keep so we could afford to go!! So 12 years later I am trying again.! So what is retirement? For me it is a serious change in my career............quilting I hope and who knows where it might go? Mind you the book has not been my reason for my final nursing days- far from it as I have found out in reality how little authors earn. Much worse that I thought so for those of you thinking of publishing....please, please get your contracts checked by legal writing services before you sign it.

But with all of that it is still an exciting future and I thank my dear husband for allowing it to happen.

So today I received some wonderful flowers, some Pandora from my workmates and the doctors have given me a holiday voucher - WOW! And I also received this fascinating book yesterday from a very dear friend - full of snippets and memorabilia from Beatrix Potter's diary.

Have a great long "Queens Birthday weekend"

Tuesday 2 June 2009

Quilt Show Sydney

I have just completed an exclusive pattern for attendees at the Sydney quilt show next week (June 10th - 14th)

Come and say hello! The pattern is based on a William Morris design called Artichoke - it is a small section from an 1877 embroidery.