Friday 3 June 2011

Homeless but happy

We are not really 'homeless'.......just not in our intended home! A week has gone already and fingers crossed our new place will be finally completed so we can move in on June 17th! It took three days to get packed and have everything put into storage. So I thought it was time to blog again and to share with you a little of where we are staying - thanks be to Lessa and Roger Siegele!

Port Elliot is a seaside town south of Adelaide settled in 1852;,_South_Australia


 This is one of my favourite new homes

 Youth hostel
 That is one serious verandah!
 The charm of yesteryear

There are many walks around the bays and many mansions competing for a coastal view:

 The front above and back view below

 And above ....someone builds in front of you and you lose that view!!
You can buy this beauty above for $800,000 plus

 Above maybe a father, child and the dog!
 And above is our weakness of being here!!

 Roger and Lessa's camellias
And the flowers bring me to a final note of sadness as we think of David, Kimberley and Nick are in our thoughts on the sad loss of Penny yesterday. What an incredible lady with an amazing amount of courage - sadly she lost the battle and it is so unfair as she was far too young to leave this world........