Thursday 26 February 2015

Local talent

As always the Hill household is busy, busy. Larry has passed his 12 month anniversary of being back at work (after trying to retire!), and has had yet another request to extend but hopefully only until the end of May. Meanwhile I've been quilting the AQC Mystery class and assembling a large new William Morris sampler. But this time I thought I would share some local talent from Port Elliot - a seaside village only 40 minutes from home. It was a hot weekend for their quilt show but it was well worth the visit. They kindly allowed me to share some of their beautiful work……….'gotcha girls'!!…….
 Pam Ballard made this amazing doll's house quilt for a friend who is turning 60 and owns over 30 doll's houses! …I love the detail…..(what a lucky friend….now I turn 60 next year and own just one doll's house…hhhmmmm!!)

 Trish Rees's "New York Beauty" made in Kaffe Fassett fabrics from a Lessa Siegele workshop…...
 And my eye spied some of my blocks in this spectacular quilt and then of course I was asked to please oblige…. Lyn Egel hand appliquéd all the blocks and her machine quilting was stunning too……...

 And another of my designs from Sheila Worrall - hand pieced and hand appliquéd too! Beautiful work and a delightful girl from the UK to boot!………..
 I've known Norma for many, many years and at the show she was making the most gorgeous lavender wands and three of them came home with me…….
 There was a wonderful display of antique sewing machines and sewing tools……..

 I would love to share all of the quilts on display but I'm not sure the blog would cope with the entire 71 of them! So here a few more that caught my eye……….."Dear Dolly" on the left is hand appliquéd by Hazel Howard (a design by Jackie Harris) and on the right an Esther Aliu design "Heart's Desire" made by Elizabeth Koch…….
 This was the first prize raffle quilt all made in fabrics from Jason Yenter……..
 "Kaffe's Korners" on the left was made by Caroline Giles and "Surf's Up" on the right from Lyn Egel again…..a wee bit different to her Morris quilt but I loved it…...

 This is a 1930's quilt top that Jeanette Coombes purchased in the US ten years ago. She has now completed it for future generations…….
 The "Art Deco" quilt was made by Julie Kindleyside   - a combination of a modern dresden designed by Christa Watson and Cleopatra's fan by Sharlene Jorgensen…….
 On the left is "Heart and Home" by Libby Henschke from The Quilt Company and on the right "Lone Star" made by Sue Cleghorn…….
And while we are doing some 'show and tell' I am thrilled to share this photo sent to me a few days ago.  Ann is from New Zealand and she has completed "Strawberry Thief" and her friends are having it framed for her….maybe a special birthday coming up Ann? I have often thought of framing some of my smaller quilts - saves on quilting! Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilt top Ann………
I also forgot to mention that during the past week I did a class with our very own Rachelle Denneny making this wonderful bag….with a touch of Morris of course……..and do have a look at Rachelle's first pattern release here on Craftsy
That must be about it for now with some final images of a new friend who sits on the seat outside my window watching me type…dear little chappie…or maybe a lassie?
 Till next time…….take care x

Sunday 15 February 2015

Birthday blessings

Our first daughter Emily turned 33 on Friday……no idea where those years have gone but lovely to be able to celebrate at home…….
 Miss Maisie is sitting on her own now and almost ready to crawl at 6 months.….

 And then only a couple of days later (today), we celebrated Beau's birthday…..and those three years have flown by too! It was a Spider-Man theme and I even had a go with my very amateur cupcakes!….
 Brett and Emily excelled themselves once again and it was a great afternoon………..

 Uncle Tim and Auntie Sophie have planted the tennis seed with a gift of a Totem tennis set after hearing from Brett that he wants Beau to become a pro!…..

 We are a very small family of …  well just Larry and me, Emily and Brett and Sophie and Tim….but Brett is the youngest of five so there are cousins galore for Beau………...

 We had exciting news during the afternoon that Sophie and Tim have taken the first step to buying land and building their first home…and just around the corner from her sister too………..
 Miss Maisie enjoying her other grandparents and dressed in a spiderman dress and matching pants all made by Emily!…..

 During the proceedings Uncle Spider-man Dave turned up - much to the delight of his biggest fan…….

 It will be wonderful when Tim and Sophie can start their own little family…..they both glow with their little niece and nephew………..

 So we are indeed blessed that we can share in these birthday memories. As I was typing this post Larry called out to me to show me the eerie colour streaming in to the hallway through the front door. A very surreal golden pink bathed the walls and floor and then outside we found the source………. 

 We have had a few very hot days but thankfully the evening is cooler tonight. I hope the weather is kind wherever you are x