Saturday, 22 September 2012

Silk and needles

Today I decided to follow-up a couple of interesting sites that I had came across in a local magazine. The first was here at Beckford Silk - a large country workshop for textile design. Textiles are hand printed and dyed on site with design inspiration from the past...even several William Morris silks and velvets. We did not have time to stop as we had to take a taxi and the meter was ticking by....but I will definitely try and go back again for a guided tour, especially to see the velvet printing.

We then took a taxi to Evesham followed by an hour and a half bus ride to Redditch which houses the one and only needle museum in the world! What an inspiring place and it reminded us of how important needles are. Not just for stitching but surgical, fishing, darts and of course record players. Check the website here: Forge Mill. I had no idea how complicated it was to produce one simple sewing needle. In the early 1800's there were more than 30 different processes and within 2-3 years the "pointer" would be coughing up blood from inhaling the metal fibres. And if they continued the job they would be dead within 10 years...apparently it was very well paid but what a sacrifice.

Besides all the antique needles here was also an incredible display of William Avery antique needlholders...........

So we are back in front of the fire which is very pleasant as it is cold and raining we hope the sun returns next week for the second tour!

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