Saturday, 8 September 2012

Arrived in UK

Well here we are on day one in the UK. We had two long flights broken up with an overnight stay in Hong people do it in one 23 hour stint is beyond us (we did it once but never again - the 13 hours last night was enough!) But how lucky are we that we are able to have these wonderful adventures. Glad you can join us on your computer so here are few short hours of day one in Oxford today...

 And the above can be found in a cake version......

 Above....this is pasta!!

I will need to leave some explanations until we have a better network connection (and I can't answer any emails so Hi Helen...we are here...see you soon!)


  1. Thanks for the photos of Oxford. My son graduated from there about 8 years ago. Such wonderful memories! Have a great trip.

  2. I hope enjoy every minute, thanks for the photo's

  3. Wonderful photos of Oxford and also the bicycle with the flower basket. I will keep popping into your blog to follow the journey.


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