Friday 30 January 2015

Art on the beach

Another weekend is upon us and I can't believe it is nearly a week since my two day embroidery workshop. It was most enjoyable where we explored running stitch and Kantha work. Not a lot to show but the brain is full of ideas! One of the stitches was very similar to what I had seen in the UK examining some of the embroideries at Red House. So the samples will be tucked away for another day……

Another highlight for me was purchasing a lucky number and receiving this beautiful embroidered pin cushion……
During the week I posted a letter to the Embroiderers' Guild thanking them for a great weekend but also to the group who made the gifts….and today I received a phone call from the lady who made mine! Carol was thrilled with my thank you note and I discovered that this little cushion is in fact a Biscornu. I had to search the net to find out more and I even wonder if I might be able to adapt one with some appliqué! Thanks so much will be treasured! Yesterday Larry and I decided to visit the Brighton Jetty sculptures. Their website seems to be down at the moment but it is an annual event at one of our local beaches. It was a beautiful day and some interesting work was on show - these are just a few…………..

 I would love to have this candelabra at home………..

Each day at home we have been watching with delight the peach tree from the back neighbour which leans right over our fence……….

 The neighbours are obviously not into peaches as we are watching them drop to the ground or be eaten by the birds. Some from our side of the fence are finding a new home - delicious after dinner but some are needing a little more sun!…... 
 The roses are still blooming as are some lilies that Jackie left behind in the garden…..which reminds me that we have been in our new home for 12 months (Moving day was two days ago!). It was lovely to witness these plants appearing almost overnight…….

Tomorrow we are on babysitting duty caring for both the little ones so more of that later. Till next time take care x