Saturday 23 November 2013

Textile talent in South Australia

Life continues to travel way too fast in the Hill household! This little man continues to be an overwhelmingly special part of it……….
 He is finally getting some hair after 21 months and talking lots…sometimes getting frustrated because we can't understand him! At the moment he is thrilled with "Missmass" and the "Star" on the top of the "Missmas tree"! He melts our hearts and we treasure every moment with him……..
 So back to the other reason for this blog entry… share some incredible talent here in my home town. These are five textile artists who have worked together setting each other challenges. You can read a little more here by clicking on one member's blog - Suzanne Gummow. The other members are Julie Haddrick, Francie Mewett, Judi Bushby and Sarah Bell Smith. The group has a fabulous name: SAlt - 'South Australian Living Textiles'. This exhibition is entitled "The Fabric Trail…a journey of five textile artists". My photos are not the best and of course works always look better in real life, but hopefully if you click on the images you can read a little more close-up. So I will let the photos and the artist's statements do the talking……...

 The first theme featured here is Twists and Turns…...

 These works of art are truly inspiring and I found they also revealed very personal moments in the artist's lives. There was so much more in each piece when I viewed them a second and third time and at times I was moved by some intimate moments. I hope that the collection will now travel overseas where you might get to experience their splendour and craftsmanship too…..enjoy

Monday 11 November 2013

Best of Show 2013

The last four days I have been in a daze….I still can't believe I have been so lucky and received Best of Show once again! Seeing it hang for the very first time revealed a couple of omissions in my embroidery, but it is too late now as it can't be touched before judging next year here! Maybe sometimes these omissions are just confirmation of my 'non perfection performance and practice'!! So here are a few photos……….

Thankyou so much for all your emails and incredible support. I am truly humbled and despite disliking the quilt after all these months, I will enjoy the journey. I hope when it comes back to me at the end of next year I will like it once again! xx