Monday 21 May 2012

"Dear William" - new fabric release!

This is just a quick post as I have just finished a long journey back from NSW which stated at 4am this morning! But I just had to share an exciting event which has just happened this past weekend at International Quilt Market 2012  Kansas City. Jason Yenter of 'In the Beginning Fabrics' and I have been working for the past couple of months designing our latest range of fabrics to be called "Dear William". The name was Jason's idea because he wanted me to write a poem to William Morris! Sadly I couldn't be there so I am hoping someone may have taken photos of Jason's booth - do let me know.

For now here is a peek at some of the range and also the Block of the Month quilt to go with it (in 3 colourways). You can see the whole range by clicking here: "Dear William"
 Must have a border print!
 This time it was not only William Morris that inspired me - it was also Charles Voysey
 and also Augustus Pugin

 Tonals in my favourite blue and green

And finally here is the "Dear William" poem...enjoy
Dear William,
I had a dream that you returned for a day
You stood proud before me, what words could I say?
I feared that you’d tremble and shake with recourse
When I told you that society is still full of remorse
For this world that we live in, I’m ashamed to declare
Would fill you with anguish and a heart of despair
So how could it be that a whole century on
Your Earthly Paradise is still a mere song?
But we can dance in your colour, your designs that delight
The wonder and beauty as your angels take flight
To know you a moment and tell you its fate
As we continue your journey of love without hate
You’ve brought joy and pleasure as we share in your art
May it live on forever as we are apart
Thank you dear William for a glimpse of your soul
A memory forever for the world to be told
With fondness,

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Belated Mother's Day

Here in Australia we celebrated Mother's Day 2 days ago -  May 13th. I have never been enthused for this day...........probably a legacy left to me by my late Mother who always said "Mother's Day should be everyday. Please don't buy me anything...just a bunch of flowers"
But this year was different. Life is passing us by and with baby Beau around it all seems different - sorry Mum! Larry always makes sure I have chrysanthemums so I set to and decided the family would get together for a picnic. Now I am not one to cook but I went all out and had fun finding recipes - the links are below each one and they were all easy!

BUT the weather was cold and drizzling - so we had to have it inside but with paper plates!

 Emily's very first Mother's day
 A Mother's day kiss from Auntie Sophie
 Such a special Mother's day
 Flowers from Sophie
Mother and baby Ant - a gift from Emily and Brett confirming my continued obsession with the TV series Minuscule (I have the whole series of over 60 episodes...have a peek.....(I love it!!)

And to top it all off we had sweet indulgences baked by Brett and Sophie.....

 A Mother's day to remember..........

Back to Morris and Quilting next time (lots of show and tell)
Take care wherever you are X

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Quilting at the Sanctuary

First of all I must let those winners of the last pattern give-away know that your patterns will be in the mail tomorrow!! Sorry but life got away from me yet again! Enjoy it all when it arrives.

Now to my recent weekend at Jude's Sanctuary. Jude has done an amazing job doing up a house in Bordertown about 4 hours south of Adelaide. Her plan is for it to be a home away from home for small groups - especially quilters! The house can accommodate up to 10 people. As you can see by the photos it is a wonderful retreat.............
 A cozy fire to stitch by in the evening
 Quilts on every bed
 fresh flowers in the bathrooms!

 And on warmer days the outside patio
 below - "the shed" for the dying workshops

Jude invited me to do my favourite workshop......"Designing for Applique". For me this is very rewarding as it empowers others to design their own work..and look at the results!!
Kay's efforts above - she was so excited and I hope this is the beginning of loads more designs and maybe a block of the month or two!!
 Pauline wanted to do a table-runner with a Scottish celtic theme on Blackwatch tartan - stunning
 Above is Jan's beautiful design minus a few extra details to come
 Marie's eye catching black, red and white number inspired by a tile
 Very shy Jean with her sensational thistles
 Pat deserved the award for patience.
I am sure she drew and redrew, then cut and cut for 24 hours non stop!!
 Jocelyn pretended she didn't know what she was doing so had a little help from me!
Well done everyone...Jude and Jill are missing with designs on paper.

 The end of a creative weekend and time to go home for two happy campers - and one patient husband of course! Check out the boot.....
 So on the way home I stopped by a wee shop at Culburra on the Duke's Highway between Tintinara and Coonalpyn......if you blink you will miss it and Wikipedie tells me there was a population of 10 in 2006!! Sandy Tonkin and her husband are the delightful residents of this house which is also a little quilt store full of all sorts of bargains - especially Madeira threads!! I have told her to make sure she has quilts hanging on the verandah because I have driven past many times and did not even know she was there! So do visit and tell her I sent you..she might let you see her kitchen wallpaper that I drooled over....from the 1950's we think - see below....

So thank you Jude for having me.........hope there are many more quilting retreats at the Sanctuary. If you have a group of friends who need some time away together do give Jude a thought. Email via her Blog.
Have great week wherever you are X