Friday 20 August 2021

William Morris Tour News

Well......."I'm back"!! It has been almost 7 weeks since I chatted and a lot has happened in that time.....two more lots of surgery are behind me and the crazy chemo curls are still with me (but I am trying to embrace them with more colourful headbands), so now it is time to move forward to more positive things.... if we can during this uncertain era of Covid. Our thoughts have most definitely been with our neighbours in New South Wales as they grapple with the increasing daily statistics of the delta strain. 

I am sure we all need something joyous to look forward to so maybe you would like to join me in just over 3 months time (if the jolly borders are open!), on another William Morris in Adelaide fact this will be the 8th tour I have had the pleasure of sharing since 2018. 

So if this tickles your fancy and you would like to join me for a wonderful week forgetting about all of our worries then let the great team at Renaissance Tours know.......tell them I sent you!! This is just a very tiny glimpse of what we will see (and in no particular order).......sumptuous furnishings, decorative art, traditional Adelaide architecture, beautiful gardens and a whole lot more..........

Just today I had the privilege of sharing some of Adelaide's connection to Morris & Co on the radio with the lovely Claudia Chan Shaw on her Arts Friday program. If you click on this link it will take you to Eastside Radio but please note I am not an "authority" or expert on Morris! I am sure I made a few mistakes throughout the interview but I was a tad nervous! Just scroll down to the little arrow that points to my name Interview. I hope to see you in Adelaide!