Monday 31 August 2009

William Morris on You Tube

Jane Morris with May
A 'young' Morris

There are several interesting video's on You Tube you might like to have a look at. This one comes with some narration from the Morris Society (15 minutes):

And this one is in Japanese but still worth a look (9 minutes);

Sunday 30 August 2009

Quilting practice

A very dear friend offered to make a sample of one of my patterns and this is the result. I was thrilled with her efforts and all the applique was done by hand. I did ask if I could borrow it for teaching as I loved the way she spread the border design out around each block. (a little different to mine)
Of course she allowed me this honour so in return I offered to quilt her quilt for her.............I actually don't usually enjoy machine quilting..... I always find it so hard deciding what design to do. I love a 1"grid behind applique but because of the time this takes I usually resort to free-motion.

So I have had a wonderful time practicing feathers and this is the result. I found that the feathers surrounded the applique quite fast - most satisfying to me as I am so impatient! So today I returned the completed quilt only to find I had missed a little section!
Well it was tears all round as her dear husband had made this beautiful chest of drawers for me in return. It was just so exciting and I was so touched by this gesture as it was not expected and I was the one who wanted to return a favour for borrowing the quilt top. So I have had fun filling the drawers with all my embroidery threads tonight - YUM and I feel so lucky.

Wednesday 26 August 2009

When I am not quilting

In my spare time (!!) I continue to volunteer at the local aged care facility once a week. I get immense satisfaction from doing this and it fills a void with the loss of my Mum.

Well the quilting never really took off........instead I was shown how to knit coathanger is a basket full - Betty knits the covers and then I have to cover them using leftover batting and then stitch the cover to the hanger. Now we have moved onto teddy bears knitted from squares........Betty is great at the knitting BUT I have to stuff and stitch them, each one taking over 2 hours!! Thought you might like to have a little look :-)

Thursday 20 August 2009

William Morris and the Muslims

Photo courtesy of 'Travel";

A few days ago I received a wonderful email from a fellow Morris devotee telling me about an interesting BBC radio program. (Thankyou Jane)
It is very interesting if you have about 25 minutes to listen.....Fiona MacCarthy is a guest and it was a thrill to hear her in person as I have enjoyed her books and writings on Morris. If you go to this link you can have a listen;

Clever Ballarat Quilters

I can't wait for this BBC series "Desperate Romantics" to come to Australia...........looking forward to getting a glimpse of Morris!!

Spectacular results from the students at the Ballarat quilters
weekend who say they can't draw!

Thankyou all so very much for all your get well wishes. I am getting back on track - 3 weeks since the angiogram and in typical 'nurse style' had a bit of a complication. I ripped the stitch holding the angioseal and had a bleed into the abdomen. This resulted in a very painful internal haematoma around the iliac artery!! But it hasn't stopped me. After clearance 2 days before the event I did get to go to the quilting weekend in Ballarat...........I forgot my camera of course but did manage to get this shot on my mobile phone!
It was a well organised weekend held in amazing accommodation:
Thanks to the grils for asking me - an honour to be amongst the likes of Gloria Loughman, Lessa Siegele, Michelle Yeo and Margaret McDonald.

Tuesday 4 August 2009

William Morris quilt top finished

Close-up of centre
I have had a few days at home recovering from a coronary angiogram...............a result of 25 years of high blood pressure. And we know...........stitching soothes the soul. So after much contemplation I chose Brer Rabbit for the centre. Drawings done Saturday and put together tonight. I used nearly all of Barbara Brackman's new 'Morris Workshop' range of fabrics for the applique and centre backgound, with the Iris pattern as borders.
I thought that an appliqued sashing and/or border would be just too much. Now I have to quilt it!!

According to the Art Gallery of South Australia 'Brer Rabbit' or Brother Rabbit as it is also known, was designed by Morris in 1882 as an indigo discharge and block printed Cotton. I have used the oak leaves and birds from the orginal design and of course the rabbits. The rabbit fabric I chose was a little pale on the cream background so I had to do some heavy stitching around the edge so it would stand out. The best laid plans still trick the eye!! here is a link to the orginal design:
And Ruth....your package is on its way!