Friday, 14 September 2012

Morris tour day four

Kelmscott Manor was all I remembered from 2 years ago and even more. Such a stark contrast from Wightwick Manor yesterday where we saw the very heavy and even sometimes oppressive array of Morris wallpaper and textiles in every room. Don't get me wrong - Wightwick Manor is a MUST on a Morris is just that Kelmscott is where Morris lived and as Morris wanted it to be. Instead of wallpapers and heavy drapes Morris had whitewashed walls and simple, often cream coloured drapes. Some walls are draped in a tapestry or fabric and again my photos are of the outside only. Click on the Kelmscott Manor link to see and learn more.........
 These are the must have photos above and below......

 .....and the river above where Morris was said to have had some of his most wonderful times fishing and pretty and so peaceful with the willow trees on the banks.

 Above is the wonderful plaque that May Morris had done to honour her father and below the Kelmscott Hall she fund-raised for and eventually had built....

 Finally we went on the walk to the churchyard to pay our respects......

We had a couple more sensational stops which I am not going to share until the next tour (he he).....but they are wonderful surprises and we don't want those of you coming to have all of it revealed......just know you will not be disappointed! At the moment we are reclining in front of an open fire with the smell of freesias that are in a vase in front of me........just bliss and Larry has just told Helen (our gorgeous intrepid leader!), that each day is just getting better and better. So night night for now and see you tomorrow x


  1. Thankyou Michele, your blog is my first thing each morning with my coffee, am enjoying travelling with you.

  2. Wish I could experience it with you!! Looks amazing :) Lotsa love, soph xoxoxox


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