Sunday 21 March 2010

Viewer's Choice award

I received an email recently from a very excited quilter who has completed a couple of my Morris inspired designs. Jenny was thrilled to receive the 'Viewer's Choice Award for Wallhangings' at the Southern Highlands 2010 Quilt Show! She kindly gave permission for me to share her photos with you. This is the quilt that won the award:

Congratulations Jenny!

And I have put some photos on the Bedford amazing workshop with 59 quilters;

Tuesday 16 March 2010

Your photos are a joy

It is such a thrill to receive photos from quilters all over the world, so I thought I would share a few (with permission from the makers)
This is from Barbara in the USA - just beautiful and what
luck having a Poppy Morris print for the sashings!
Barbara has used blocks from the Kelmscott and Friends quilt

Penny from Canada did her Morris blocks in candlewicking -
just divine and what patience! And a close-up......

Thankyou so much girls for sending photos and
for allowing me to share your beautiful work.
(More quilt photos soon)

I have also just received some photos tonight of my daughter Emily at the hairdresser having a hair trial for the wedding which is in 3 weeks. I am dying to share them but that will have to wait won't it?

Friday 5 March 2010

Desperate Romantics at last!

John Millais (Samuel Barnett), Fred Walters (Sam Crane) Dante Gabriel Rossetti (Aidan Turner) and William Holman Hunt (Rafe Spall) are Desperate Romantics

AT LAST!!! The BBC production of Desperate Romantics starts here on Sunday night on ABC1 at 8.30pm and then for the next two Sundays. I don't think Morris appears until midway and towards the end.........but you know what I will be doing for the next three Sundays! There are a few trailers here:

Thursday 4 March 2010

Give-away update

Thankyou for all your messages -  I have four patterns still left and I still need addresses from Susi (Germany), Barb (Oahu), Marge (Massachusetts), Margaret (NY), Brandie (Ca, USA) and erquilting. So the first four who email me will get my last four envelopes.

These are the wonderful bloggers who I have already sent to from all around the world!.....
Hannele (Finland), Linda (Waterloo, USA), Sharon (Vancouver, Canada), Dianne (Victoria, Aust), Sandra (Michigan, USA), Miriam (Victoria, Aust), Mary (Oakland, Canada), Vicki (Victoria, Aust), Edith (Tasmania, Aust), Mary-Anne (Victoria, Aust), Susanne (Alaska, USA), Denise (South Australia), Michelle (Dunedin, New Zealand), Lizzie (Victoria, Aust), Mary Jo (Michigan, USA), Belinda (New South Wales, Aust)

I will leave you with an image of one of my other obsessions;  The Lady & The Unicorn tapestries
This one is 'A Mon Seul Desir' - "to my only desire"

The other five tapestries which were made from silk and wool (15th century), are based on the senses: taste, hearing, sight, smell and touch. This one is the sixth and possibly represents love and understanding. It is my favourite of them all and this is my interpretation......