Wednesday 24 August 2011

More Ballarat and an amazing quilt shop!

We are now in Broadford before two days with the Kilmore Quilters. Yesterday I went back to photograph the interior of the Ballarat Town Hall...just enough for me to design something special for the next Ballarat Quilting weekend!

Today on our way to Broadford we made a detour to the town of Ballan and discovered one of the most beautiful quilt shops I have ever seen!! Some damage was done as I could not resist some Liberty cotton to make some new shirts - William Morris patterns of course!

 It was so wonderful to see so much of  the Liberty of London collection here in Oz

 And is this for a classroom?
So light and spacious with the whitewashed walls just as Morris liked....
not just for working but also perfect to set off the gallery of quilts and the bolts of colour

And this is the gorgeous Sue who started it all. She has a restaurant and cafe next door and we were treated to warm muffins and I wish this place was closer to home!
Sue is a "displaced RN" just like me who has 'succumbed' and been taken over by other ventures.....

 The aroma from the Daphne was hypnotising as we sat in the
sun sipping coffee and indulging in the morning tea treat!

Do visit Sue's website and visit her shop at Mill Rose Cottage and
also the Mill Cottage Cafe...just lucky are all of you Victorian quilters! We WILL be back Sue!

Enjoy X

Beautiful Ballarat

The Ballarat Quilting Weekend was as wonderful as it was 2 years ago. Lessa and Faye had a huge class and they achieved some great pieced quilts.....
 Pam, Jan, Lessa, Ruth and Faye.
 Pam, Jan and Ruth are part of the wonderful committee who have been organising this
 retreat for many years - thanks again girls for allowing me to be a part of it all.

And this is the great bunch of girls who put up with my raving for two whole days! We spent time working on a William De Morgan style quilt....thanks for coming girls.....

Larry and I then spent two wonderful days "chilling out" with Jan. (thankyou Jan for your wonderful hospitality XX)
The following photos are images of charming Ballarat which include some desirable Arts and Crafts style houses

Ballarat is full of spectacular buildings and classic architecture with evidence of the fortunes made with the Goldrush and in Ballarat in particular.....

 The following ten images are of the Craig's Royal Hotel. It is worth checking the link as the interior is breathtaking. The owners are meticulously restoring it and it was in a travel brochure that I first saw a glimpse of the William Morris style wallpaper. It is very close to the Morris style but I was informed it is actually a French wallpaper.......... it was wonderful to be able to photograph some of the public areas.......

The guest list is amazing and includes Mark Twain and several royals

More Ballarat architecture...(and more quilt designs inside some of them!)

 The Art Gallery of Ballarat is well worth a visit. Many artworks from the famous Lindsay family are on display. Five of ten children went on to become famous artists and their story is fascinating.
 Love the name of the pub!

I have way more to show but might have to do that in another blog........