Sunday, 30 September 2012

Morris melancholy

Well I have finally hit the wall......did a silly thing yesterday and hurt my back. This morning I woke up and had a 10 minute sob.....homesickness does hit us all at some stage while travelling!! So today Larry and I are chilling out in the hotel while our wonderful fellow travellers enjoy this...........

After Red House our friends will be travelling to Oxford and visiting Exeter College where Morris studied.

The chapel is beautiful......
and the Burne Jones tapestry is a grand feature......but we have one in the Art Gallery of South Australia at home (which everyone has heard about several times!!).......

 And then tonight the grand finale.......

Sorry we are not there but we are lucky and get to do it all again next year...join us here!


  1. Aww Michele, look after yourself. Sounds like a wonderful time, but I would be exhausted. Rest up.

  2. Oh Michele Take Care sorry to hear you missed the day.
    Thanks for all your blogging while on your Trip it's been Great to read and your poto's are Beautiful .


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