Monday 31 August 2015

Stitching in the Southern Highlands

I have just returned from another wonderful four days teaching for Tamsin and Sue of Berrima Patchwork. This is the fourth time I have been invited to teach and sadly this time I was so busy in class I have no project photos to share! But I think Tam should have some very soon on her website. But of course I did take many others firstly around the shop……..

Each morning we were greeted by a pair of geese….I thought they were rather lovely until they headed my way hissing and honking……..

Out the front of the store there are normally two spectacular Smoke trees but sadly one perished with the recent unexpected heavy snow….so just one remaining…... 

As we drove about there was evidence of many, many dead and fallen tress that are not used to such snow! But there was also a lot of spring beauty about as you will see and so, so many daffodils. The first are growing in Tam's garden….

 and she hopes one day it will look like these in town…………...
When I arrived at my hotel this greeted me…….so very thoughtful so you can see I was well looked after……...

 After class one day Tam took me for a quick drive so I snapped some wonderful heritage homes through the window……..

Another day I took myself for a quick stroll before class and during lunch……

 I am always intrigued with this reverse parking when we travel interstate……..

Saturday evening at dinner we were reminded that we were in the Southern "Highlands" so a quick snap on my phone (and an image of the entrance to the loo!)….
 I also ventured out one lunch break and purchased these little treasures that I am absolutely thrilled with. These hand made wooden display cabinets are only about ten inches high complete with glass shelves and doors. So I just had to buy some very miniature china animals for the little ones to enjoy when they come and visit and one now houses some of my thimbles………..

 At the end of class I was spoiled with all these gifts from Tam and Sue. Some Beatrix Potter fabric, ideas for coasters, my favourite sewing machine needles and patterns for a certain little Miss Maisie…….……….

 Thankyou once again Tam and Sue for looking after me so well…and a HUGE thankyou to everyone who came to class. It was lovely catching up with 'old' friends and making new. Tomorrow at long last my stitches are due to be removed from my wrist………and I can tell you after 15 days they are screaming to be removed!  Catch up later x