Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Morris tour day two

The inspiration and beauty continues. We spent most of it at Buscot Park, the home of Lord and Lady Farringdon . Please visit the Buscot Park link....the Burne Jones paintings left me spell bound and I am so lucky I can go back again in 2 weeks. Here are a few shots of the outside only - visit the link for the amazing interior and history.....

On the right of the photo above is the theatre where we had the most inspiring lecture about William Morris from Denis Moriarty..................
And then it was a picnic lunch and time to walk through the gardens (and I might add Lady Farringdon poured my cup of tea and I didn't know it was her - probably would have made a fool of myself if I had!!)
 ??? pleasure grounds.....mmmmmm

 The espalier tree above is just for you Roger....full of pears

 and vegetables growing happily among the flowers......

 Thankyou for joining us...more amazing stories tomorrow X


  1. Oh My Michele what a Wonderful Garden...

  2. It's a lovely garden and the espaliered pear tree is spectacular. Thanks for the photos.

  3. What wonderful gardens. Your photos are fantastic


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