Sunday 22 June 2008

Valerie your little quilt is just amazing!!Did you applique those tiny blocks??!!I've been working on the book all weekend but have been asked to teach at Beating around the Bush for Country Bumpkin next year and have to get some projects ready by 30th of this drawing as well! Decided because it is more of an embroidery convention I would design smaller projects.SO it will be 'Afternoon Tea with William Morris'......... so an appliqued tea cosy and coffee cosy and a shoulder bag as well. Have a good week ........and this is a picture of my two beautiful daughters (Sophie on the left and she'll be 24yrs next week and Emily on the right who is 26)
Thankyou Lorraine, Kathy and Maree for your messages - I have such a lot to learn with this blogging so please forgive me!! the main reason I started it is because Valerie heard me complaining about the cost of updating my website and she thought this would be a good way to do it. Hope you are all having a good weekend -it is very cold here and I seem to be stacking on the weight because the weather is preventing me from walking. Such a pain that as soon as one stops walking the weight goes back on - Blast it all!! Have a good week, ,Michele

Thursday 19 June 2008

Sorry Valerie that I have used the same background as you! I searched them all and this was the nicest. I thought the black was a little hard on the eyes! I have so much to learn with this now and how on earth did that spanish (or whatever??) person get in my messages!!!

Wednesday 18 June 2008

Wow it actually worked except for my spelling of photography! I will put "William Morris Magic" on here as well as this will be in the book - nothing like some advertising!!


Well this is the third time I have tried to set this up!! i am so not IT savvy!! thank you Valerie Slater for putting me on to this way of keeping things up to date.My website is long overdue for an update so instead I will try this - thanks Valerie;

I will try to put up a photo again of my latest quilt which is based on Morris's quilt at Kelmscott Manor. there is a great photo at this link of the original bed cover;

This is my interpreation and Judy Simcock of Cornerstone Creations quilted it for me - thanks Judy - absolutley beautiful. I am writing a book which Country Bumpkin/Inspirations books are publishing and the quilt will be in there along with a load of other new projects. Book to be called "William Morris In Applique"of course!! Today I sepnt the day with my Editor Anna Scott looking for venues for photgrahy. Carrick Hill is hopefully one such venue. More about that later.
I won't do any more for now and see how this goes!!