Thursday 24 December 2009

My internet is down

Can you believe it......our internet service has decided to go down 2 days before Christmas - damn it!! If any of you know our famous Telstra........service can be appalling. I tried to get my late Mum's phone reconnected last year when she took 10 days and numerous phone calls totalling 5 1/2 hours on hold!!
We are not sure why our internet cable has 'deceased'  and no-one can come and look at until until Dec 28th. (was going to be January 8th until I went berserk on the phone!!)
We are a little suspicious as there seem to be a lot of Telstra Big Pond vans in the area today!!

Well I have made about 8 phone calls...........been on hold for a total of nearly 2 hours in the last day to sort it out. I can't even access my emails using my daughter's computer (where I am doing this).......normally I would be able to access my emails at the Telstra website but some twit has made my whole account inactive!! Goodness know how long before it is fixed. So to all of you trying to email me.............Sorry but I can't get your messages.
I am so, so sorry and please know I would have answered you if I could.

So in the meantime enjoy greetings from our "grand-doggies"!!

Kahlua with a Christmas kiss

Kahlau and Malibu bestest buddies

Saturday 19 December 2009

A friend and Christmas

A friend transforms her home for Christmas every year and I just had to share some of these delightful images of her dresser. Take note of the detail........the red robin with matching card and little Christmas pudding also with matching card!!

I had a birthday yesterday............I still don't like having it so close to Christmas so those of you who do I commiserate with you!! I had a lovely lunch on Thursday and what a scrummy cake this was to clebrate my 53 years! (made by the same friend with the decorated Christmas dresser)
And I have set up another blog for another dear friend......the blog explains it all:

Tuesday 15 December 2009

Brer rabbit

I have so many favourite William Morris designs. Brer Rabbit is just one of them.......I have used this image as the centre of a recent quilt and also as a cushion panel. Morris produced this as a discharge cotton around 1882. It is sometimes know as Brother Rabbit and as I was doing my research I discovered I can purchase it today as a wallpaper or for drapes. I am afraid I will need a lotto win for that dream but for now I just drool at these sites.......have a look at this exquisite collection at a shop in Victoria, Canada;
Just divine!!

The pattern above is called Mary Isobel and it has a striking similarity to a screen embroidered here in my home town Adelaide in the 1890's. The Art Gallery of South Australia has this in their collection and their publication "Morris & Co. - Designs and Patterns"states that this was designed by J.H.Dearle and embroidered by Mary Isobel Barr Smith who resided here in South Australia. My book also states that William Morris advocated that his favourite embroidery stitches were darning, running, long and short, satin and stem stitches. I have just completed a wallhanging inspired by this design which in the gallery is just simply called 'Portiere'.

Monday 14 December 2009

The Christmas tree

I don't seem to be the only one who is struggling with the fact that Christmas is only about 10 days away!! (I have a birthday at the end of this week so I always try and enjoy that first!) But the last few days I have found I am not the only one who hasn't had the time or inclination to put up the Christmas tree!!

Sophie always puts the tree up in our house and now she isn't living home I thought I would forget about it (waiting for the grandchildren and then it will be up in style though!) Anyway I thought I had better make an effort and put the sewing on hold for a few hours yesterday I finally put the tree up! It was worth the effort and it was lovely to hang all the ornaments that meant something. Gifts from friends, souvenirs from travels and some of Mum's very old glass birds. So that brought sad thoughts as it is nearly one year since Mum died........then thoughts of others who won't be sharing family time with us. Not just Mum but my Dad, my brother, friends and in laws who are no longer here.
So with that I send thoughts to you and yours for a joyous festive season and may 2010 be a peaceful and healthy year full of great times and most importantly lots of stitching and pleasure!