Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Cream of the Cotswolds

Another day of visual indulgence.......the beautiful Cotswold's at Bibury ......but it seems I accidentally deleted the best from my camera!! So Arlington Row will have to wait until next time!

The water in the river was crystal clear and we could even see the trout.......

We had lunch in Tetbury

and I did want this jacket below- please, please Larry......only 1200 pounds!! (about AU$1850)

 And then a private viewing of Rodmarten Manor. I felt quite overwhelmed meeting the son of the Manor who was actually our guide........

No photos inside but the outside made up for it.......

 And home again....only our mode of transport is below and not above!!
 Till next time - take care and thanks for dropping by (and a warm hello to everyone at home)

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