Monday 21 June 2010

Sydney Quilt Show and Congratulations

I didn't see the Sydney Quilt Show this year - I try to go every year but this year the savings need to go towards our big trip (which is now less than 8 weeks away and so much still to do!!). Anyway I received a phone call tonight from a very excited Rachelle Denneny - the most amazing domestic machine quilter you could meet! (and a sweetie to boot!) Rachelle just found out she has received the Viewer's Choice Award!! Here is her beautiful quilt (with permission from Rachelle). It has already won the Domestic Machine Quilting Award in South Australia and she also received that award in Sydney - go Rachelle!
Rachelle's quilting is just astounding and all done on her small domestic machine. The photo does not do the quilt justice - it is needleturn applique and made of dupion silk, quilted in silk thread and to think Rachelle has only been quilting for a few short years! WELL DONE Rachelle - it was very exciting to share in your news!

You can see all the winners at this link;

And I thought you might like a quick look at a quilt I have been designing using the Adelaide Collection fabrics. Jason has cleverly 'coloured in' the fabrics. It will be a Block of the Month quilt soon! (this is the Burgundy colourway and there will be a blue one as well).
Have a great week 

Monday 14 June 2010

Exciting parcel and delivered on a holiday!!

Sorry folks - I do know this is all getting a bit boring but it is still very exciting!!! I heard the doorbell this morning and seeing as I was "indisposed" (in the WC to be precise and the only reason I am telling you that is because Tim dared me to!!).......anyway as I was saying - husband had to answer the door and informed me it was a package delivery. It is a public holiday here today so I knew it could only be an international couriered parcel from Jason . I couldn't get the loo door open quick enough!!! So whoopee - have a look at the very first strike-offs!!

These fabrics feel like silk ....just as we expect from Jason and In the Beginning Fabrics

And the texture of these leaves.........i am dreaming of blouses, jackets and even curtains. Maybe some even larger prints reminiscent of the 1960's & 70's - now that would make instant quilts and save doing all the applique!! What do you think?

Sunday 13 June 2010

Apostles of Beauty: Arts and Crafts from Britain to Chicago, Part 1

I've been away for over a week meeting quilters in Broken Hill and Burra...........thanks girls for inviting me to help spread the magic of William Morris! While in Broken Hill Larry and I stayed at the most wonderful self contained accommodation "Tarawingee".......a home away from home of 2 bedrooms, lounge, dining, laundry, kitchen - everything you need!

Then to Burra staying in a quaint cottage "Ivy Cottage" but I fear there was a ghost who didn't want me there. A few mishaps including almost burning the cottage down with a candle!!

So back to the computer and catching up on emails - someone did ask me if they could purchase the book yet and I did know that Country Bumpkin are taking pre-sale orders. I visited this link and 'lo and behold there are some pages from the book for you to see. Go to this link and click on the 'next page' button to flick through.......

Now finally enjoy the ten minute video link above.........a bit late to see the exhibition but a most enjoyable viewing

Tuesday 1 June 2010

It has been all up-hill

Yes it has been all up-hill this past week! I received am email today from a lady in Melbourne who has been "watching over" me for quite sometime. Alison is an enthusiastic Morris devotee as well and her email was simply 'Are you ok'? Why ever did she ask me that and then I realised it was probably because I hadn't blogged for over a week! So here Alison this is for you!! (And also you who are reading this as well!)
A couple of pictures from the new book to tempt you!

I hit the wall on Sunday night.....the cause.....the book of course! Like the first book I decided it was like giving birth - many months of 'discomfort' and then the final weeks of a very long labour! So it is that we are in the middle of the 'labour' part - but I am doing it for you William Morris!!
Due out October

To everyone who stops by my blog may I say a huge THANKYOU...........I am humbled by your support and appreciate all your wonderful comments especially about the fabrics.

This week I have also enjoyed reading about Spring Quilt market and I am amazed at all the new talent out there. If you just google 'Spring Quilt Market' and look up 'blogs' there are pages and pages of news. The colours in the US are so very pretty at the moment. I can see why Jason wanted more pinks in the Adelaide collection but Tim and I asked him to tone the pinks down!
I will leave you with another Morris image.......yum!

I came across this image from a 2005 London Cycling campaign newsletter. You could take a bike ride from The Red House in Bexley to the William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow by canal paths, green lanes and ferry  - what a divine day!