Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Devil is in the Detail

Monday was the day to pick up our travel documents so Larry headed off while I did some last minute shopping. We were due to meet later but after waiting some time I received an anxious phone call to say he was running late. When Larry arrived he was shaking like a leaf as details were missing on our itinerary! To start with our train tickets had not been booked and they had been showing on our email itinerary since early this year! So home we came and 3 hours later it was finally sorted. Two of these journeys were for Sunday and we had told everyone to get the same train as us.....only 3 seats left so we hope we make it! Then there was a hotel booking that was incorrect and several flights had different times......the 'devil is certainly in the detail'...and speaking of devils........
 I've been preparing some samples to stitch on the long flights and with a class project in mind for next year I decided to start on a wool felt version of Peter Rabbit....but how devilish are those eyes?....I think he might be disappearing in the veggie patch permanently! Like William Morris I cannot draw faces and especially eyes, so two more attempts and it is getting better. Some jackets were too big, and some too small so prototype two and three.........
 I've prepared lettuces, cauliflowers and carrots to stitch so that might get a few funny looks on our 22 hours of flying...........
 Stitching these pieces reminds me of where I started before the quilting really took over. Back in the 1980's I was stitching these pieces (and I am glad I had hard copies of these photos as they are long gone to new homes or heaven!).........
Doorstops...whatever possessed us to be making these and even filled with half a brick!.......(my late Mum treasured them).......

 During the week I also received this surprise 'farewell gift' from Marie in lucky am I? Thankyou Marie xx.............
We have had some special times as we counted down to our big journey including a walk in historic Willunga just a few minutes from home. It reminds us of how lucky we are.........

 The wineries nearby are ready to produce new pleasures.......

 I've been negotiating with a publisher in the US to do a co-edition of the Beatrix Potter book, mainly for shops to purchase wholesale and to allow international readers the opportunity of purchasing without the huge postage bill from here. They asked for some photos of the quilt in the final chapter so a few days ago the little ones assisted and I was thrilled with the outcome............

 Tomorrow we leave on our big journey and I know we will miss our family and especially these two little "over and out" for time you hear from us we will be in the beautiful Lakes District celebrating all things Beatrix Potter and William Morris!


  1. Lovely photos of the little ones with the quilt. Thank you for trying to get the books over here for us, without the postage. Have a grand time and know we will be watching for those wonderful pictures.

  2. I hope the trip details have all been worked out - how frustrating when you think all is ready. Love the photos - and tulips! Always a wonder here almost fall and there spring is beginning. Have a great trip

  3. Safe and stress-free travels from here on out!! Your comments about stitching eyes reminds me of my needlepoint days when I always found eyes the hardest to get just right...bit of an art to it I think. Meanwhile Peter is looking more like the friendly little fellow we know him to be. Don't laugh but I have a brick door stop made up to look like a cat in a little bed; they seemed to be a bit of a rage there for a while. LOL Lovely photos.

    1. Thanks Jocelyn....I so wish I could email you but your settings seem to be "no reply" so hope you get this message! Thanks again x

  4. Safe travels Michele and Larry, had intended to phone you this week, but the days just went, and I guess you were busy too. I have 2 door stops in use in my house, very handy things, one belonged to my grandmother and I remember her using it too. xxx

  5. Have a great time. Isn't it painful when things are not on the itinerary. We only have a week left and are looking forward to getting home. Still we are off to the Grand Canyon tomorrow which should be good.

  6. Have a great time. Isn't it painful when things are not on the itinerary. We only have a week left and are looking forward to getting home. Still we are off to the Grand Canyon tomorrow which should be good.

  7. Safe and happy travels to you both- Great photos as always. The eyes make an enormous difference to Peter. I remember stitching mice in in 1980s, a bride and groom, a choir of mice and a farmer and his wife. In the early 1970 I made hippos, camels and elephants to help finance an overseas trip.
    We are looking forward to your photos.


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