Friday, 30 September 2016

Morris in Oxford

We've had another very busy day taking in all that we could about William Morris and his time in Oxford. First up a visit to the Ashmolean Museum where we had the privilege of viewing some of his daughter May Morris's drawings in the print room……
 But this first drawing on the left is in fact one of William's……...

 A cupboard full of spectacular William De Morgan pottery……..
 A few pieces from the Pre-Raphaelite room……..first up a cupboard painted by Burne-Jones…..

The Great Bookcase……………

 A visit to the Eagle and Child has always been something we have meant to do, so today was the day where we could think about that intriguing group of chappies…..The Inklings…….

 After lunch we had an informative two hour walking tour of Oxford and those two hours flew……
 The Saxon tower where Morris married Jane Burden……...
 and then our time at Exeter College where Morris started his studies. First visit the chapel……..

 As we passed a bust of Tolkein we entered a sanctum that moves the senses with much evidence of Morris……..

 Larry having a rest in the seat that Inspector Morse sat in for that final fateful episode…….

 After visiting Exeter College one of Oxford's oldest colleges we then walked to Harris Manchester College, one of the newest that only takes mature aged students - anyone aged over 21! Love their motto…….
 and the added bonus was seeing the chapel that is filled entirely with William Morris stained glass…….

 The model in several windows is May Morris……..
 I wonder if this is a self portrait?…….

 Our final destination is always memorable at the Oxford Union……and we are not even members…….Helen can do anything!……...

 No photos allowed but a poster assists………this is the ceiling that Morris and others painted and you can read the story HERE

 and finally the debating chamber……...

So once agin we have had a fulfilling day. At the same time all our thoughts have been with family and friends at home who have been experiencing a once in 50 years weather event which you can also read about HERE. Take care everyone x


  1. I have been reading on line of your storms and damage at home Michele I hope your home is ok and that your girls and family are alright. you have had a full day once again - you will be ready for a rest once you get home!

  2. Oh those stained glass windows!! What a great day.

  3. What wonderful photos Michele. I was born on the same day as Jane Burden 19 October. Different year though.

  4. Oh Michelle, you are most definitely in the right place at the moment. South Australia is Not Very Happy weather wise, though I'm sure your family has kept you informed. Thoroughly enjoying your trip!

  5. I think a book should be coming about your love of Wm Morris and photos of what you have seen and even stitched and how it all came about. I would buy a dozen copies for my family and friends, who say to me "who is Wm Morris" when I talk about him. It would be a love story for sure.
    Praying for your safe travel home and the storm that is affecting that area.
    I have loved every photo and information from your trips. Thank you!
    Love, Margaret
    East Texas


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