Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Bikes and Bumble bees

Before I go any further I must mention that we are in the Lake District and not the Lakes District. I learnt that one must say we are either in the 'Lake District' or the 'Lakes'…...so apologies to all our UK friends for not getting it right! As the mist lifted we drove through places that we will revisit in a few days……….

 after the morning rain came the rainbow with the promise of a lovely day…….
 First stop at a Caldbeck to view a co-operative - The Wool Clip …….

 We were most fortunate to be in Caldbeck for Stage Two of the Tour of Britain bike race - Helen always manages to treat us with lots of unexpected surprises! It was very exciting to be amongst the locals anticipating the riders……….

 A short drive away and we reached Hutton in the Forest. This grand historic home has been in the family since 1605 and several extensions have been added revealing different styles of architecture………..

 The gardens were magnificent and made up for not being able to take photos inside……..

 I find it so hard to show restraint when photographing gardens and I wish I could describe the intense fragrance of this rose…..

 These structures are in fact heavy iron gates that close the walled garden…...

 The bumble bees are huge……….

Inside did not disappoint with tapestries, embroideries, medieval furniture and several rooms covered in rare William Morris wallpapers. So I am sorry my commentary is brief but I am hoping the photos make up for that……more tomorrow x


  1. Gorgeous photos. What a beautiful place, and those flowers!! Love those iron gates.

  2. what a gorgeous place! can you imagine having a home like that stay in the family since the early 1600's - the responsibility of keeping it tip top shape - hope they have money!! the gardens are beautiful bet you are having a grand time.


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