Saturday, 17 September 2016

Ice in Iceland (!)

What a spectacular day we've had even with the bad weather clouding the mountain views… they say - 'ignorance is bliss' and we had no idea what we were missing out on! As we left the hotel we captured a few images from the bus before reaching the first views of the mighty Vatnajokull glacier…..
 We passed through the dark sand desert with reflections of volcanic ash……..
 The lava fields were eerie and are now covered in moss……….

 Pink covered bales for breast cancer in Iceland too……...
 We had a quick stop to view the elves…….I found an interesting article about them here.

 The elves are in the stones…….

 The sheep are prolific along the south coast and are a lot like the Herdwicks we saw in the Lake District….very hardy and perched high on steep mountains. Instead of dry stone walls to keep them in the farmer has dug farrows……….

 Our coach is incredibly comfortable and above we have sky windows for viewing…….

 And here was my first gasp….little did I realise we were in for an even more spectacular experience……..

 Sadly lives have been lost……..

The church was built in 1884…….

 And then came the WOW…….a boat tour on Glacier Lagoon…this very place has been used for two James Bond movies……….. 

 Our guide explained that the icebergs are over 1,000 years old and we only see the very top bit…...

 A couple of seals frolicking……..

 Another photo shoot with models……..


  1. I am having the best time vacationing and touring with you, lovely views and such interesting places. Your photography is only bested by your quilts. Thank you for sharing so much of your world, you are so generous. Where are we going next?

  2. Wow, what amazing landscapes, such different scenery to Australia. Your photography is fabulous, thank you I really enjoyed a glimpse of a country I knew very little about.

  3. Love that church and the blue ice - looks like a spectacular place to see. I have seen lava fields but they are in the western US where it is dry - no moss

  4. Wow. What an amazing place. Great photos.

  5. WOW - I'm thrilled to be included in your travels. You're so good to us sharing all the photos! BTW - sent you an email about a book sale that has your book More William Morris Applique available. It's C&T Warehouse Sale. Off to go see the photos again. Interesting article about the elves. Stay warm.

  6. I really love your blog. And now this part....Iceland. We were so lucky to be there last July. And while reading your story and looking at the pictures all the memories are coming back. Thank you so much for letting us travel with you.


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