Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Arts & Crafts Style Splendour

How does one reduce 252 photos to just a few for the blog? Let me tell you it is difficult but it is always an indication of how excited one is on a visit! I talk of our time today in the magnificent Blackwell House. This video well set the scene…..
The house was completed in 1901 and was designed entirely inside and out by Mackay Hugh Baillie Scott. He was inspired by the ideals of the Arts and Crafts movement and was influenced by William Morris. The house also featured one of my other favourite designers Charles Voysey. I can't really add anything else so instead enjoy the images. (and Nydia and Ken you were thought of in every room!)…………enjoy starting with the stunning views of the Lake from the house……..

 Lots of us happily snapped these ceiling patterns for future quilt ideas……….

 Every window had a magnificent view……..

 So tonight is our farewell dinner where we reflect on the amazing time we have had. Tomorrow I will leave my post to the real reasons we were here with more images from Hill Top and a little side visit I did at the The World of Beatrix Potter attraction……I had to do it for Beau and Maisie back home!


  1. you sure have seen a lot and it is hard to put it down to a few photo's, I know I can never do that when we travel. It is hard to do - have a flight trip home

  2. Amazing-extraordinary fireplaces and surrounding detail. We love the close up images and the saying re-work and art-brilliant. Very creative, especially for its time.
    There has to be a quitters travel guide book in the future.xx

  3. What a magnificent house. I bet all those photos took a while to upload to the blog! Beautiful. Hope you have a rest between tours. K xx


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