Monday, 5 September 2016

The adventures begin

Well here we are back in 'Ol Blighty' and ready to begin the first of our two adventures starting with all things Beatrix Potter. Understandably our fellow travellers are as weary as us so tonight we are hoping to all sleep through without waking at some ungodly hour! Our two flights took about 23 hours and what a huge plane for the second leg of our journey…..
 It was amazing to see these desert mountains possibly somewhere over the Arabian Peninsula…...

 We slept overnight in London and then took two trains to Windermere…… busy at Euston station on a Sunday morning……….

 Larry did a great job helping some of our fellow travellers with their luggage guarding it on the final short journey from Oxenholme to Windermere……….
 So here we will be staying for the next 10 nights at Lindeth Howe and what a beautiful place it is. I took some quick photos but will share more over the coming days…...

 It didn't take long for the reunions to begin with a celebratory beer in the garden with Penny and Paul from Canada……….

 and more including a gin and tonic for Helen and me …….
 Jenny and Anne making themselves at home……...
 and the view from our room……..

 we can just see Lake Windermere through the trees……..
 Peter has arrived as has an RAAF bear from Sophie at home……….
 In true Whitecroft tour style Helen arranged a spectacular welcome afternoon tea……...

So it is time for some sleep before our first big day….stay tuned for more x


  1. Already into it, and after all that travel, do hope hope you get a good nights sleep!! Looking forward to travelling with you. xxx

  2. Me too, I love traveling with you and feel like I am right next to you. I love all things Morris, Potter and Hill! What a trio.

  3. We look forward to sharing your journey once again.XX

  4. your afternoon teas always look so very, very good!! one thing that America should have is something like this!! Have fun on your trip and looking forward to all the photos - I travel through you to delightful places like this :)

  5. How exciting. Looks such a lovely place to stay.

  6. How exciting. Looks such a lovely place to stay.

  7. Oxenholme Station. Lovely memories. Unless it has changed mightily, I doubt anything sinister could happen to luggage at Oxenholme. Have a wonderful trip!

  8. Hope you have a fabulous trip here in 'Ol Blighty' - enjoy x


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