Sunday, 18 September 2016

Raining in Iceland

We've decided that we have had enough of the rain but maybe it was in sympathy with everyone at home! Today it poured all day and each stop we returned to our seats saturated…..the views from the bus window were pretty useless and the stunning views we thought we would see didn't happen……..but we still managed to fill the day with memories. We have travelled further north up the east coast of Iceland with a few wet views from our window…….

 A coffee stop in the rain……...

 and a quick dash out in the rain again to capture the famous Egg sculptures…..

yet another waterfall…….

 At one stage all we could see through the coach windows was mud…….
 We dodged some more heavy rain (get the picture??!!), to visit Petra's stone collection. Such a lovely story behind this humble lady who passed away in 2012. Her life was devoted to collecting many geological treasures and I couldn't help noticing she was a stitcher too………

 Amongst her treasures were many stuffed birds……...

 and this is the closest we will get to seeing a real puffin as they have now migrated. The researchers have been tagging them to get a better understanding of where they travel to…….

 We also visited a new photographic exhibition of the Northern Lights and this is possibly the best we will see because of the weather as well. These stunning photos were taken by Jonina and Johanna, two girls who when very young would lay in the snow staring at the mesmerising lights. They are self taught with their photographic skills and you can see more here at the Auroras Iceland website……..

 As we reached our final destination we passed many fjords……some more water and it is still raining tonight!……..

 The view from our window……...
 and we love the hotel humour too. So till next time……..


  1. All the rain, just so you don't feel as though you have "missed out" from the rain at home!!
    Thanks again for another great feast of photos. XXX

  2. What a shame the weather has hindered the views but I guess it might be pretty typical of the place. Hugs, Katrina xx

  3. it is always frustrating to be touring a place and all you get is rain - this seems such an interesting beautiful small country to see - I love the waterfalls. Humor is nice at the hotel :)

  4. I have so enjoyed your photos and writings about Iceland. Some of the terrain reminds me of Labrador and also Baffin Island where I taught for 4 years in late 70's/ early 80's. Enjoy every minute and remember 'grey skies are bound to clear up'.

  5. What a shame about the rain. It is raining here at home too. Looks like you are making the most of it all anyway. I remember those eggs!

  6. Love their humor! Moss growing - Please do not disturb - LOL. What a great trip this is.


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