Monday, 19 September 2016

What lies Beneath

Tonight we are sleeping in a hotel surrounded by volcanoes……quite surreal but spectacular at the same time. We are staying in the Lake Myvatn region and will see more of that tomorrow. Our journey travelled through the highland desert plateau and some areas were apparently used for the astronauts in the 1960's when they were practicing landing on the moon…… certainly was a lunar landscape. But first another waterfall……..

 Our coffee stop was a see the turf farm buildings and then sample a "love ball"…..just delicious and a cross between a cake and a doughnut and deep fried of course!

 And another waterfall but this time the biggest in Iceland - the Dettifoss and reputed to be the most powerful waterfall in all of Europe……..

 Larry is not very keen on the heights……..

 We soon came to the Lake Myvatn area and this is where we truly saw and felt the grumblings beneath the earth surface………...

 I am sure I can see the elves…….

 This is Krafla that erupted from 1724-1729 and then again in the 1980's……...

 So tonight we are surrounded by volcanoes where we can truly admire the tenacity of all Icelanders...


  1. so glad you finally had a sunny day!! love those knitted sweaters did you get one to bring home with you. all the photos are so nice thanks for sharing - I bet you enjoyed the sun

  2. sounds and looks a bit too close for comfort, do they get a warning if it erupts?? xxx

  3. Facinating Photos! Burrrr. What a trip you are having, well deserved and I am on it with you with each picture, thanks

  4. Wonderful photos once again.


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