Friday, 16 September 2016

Embracing Iceland

Before I go any further we need to reach out to everyone at home…..we are up early and right now on the BBC news we are seeing images of all the flooding at home. Our son-in-law Brett sent me this image below of a bridge near our home and beside it is the image of Larry only about 2 weeks ago on that very same bridge…….
 That day I had also used the bridge for a photo of one of the Beatrix Potter quilts (your quilt Helen!)………
We heard that 75 homes were evacuated and still can't get our head around this event even happening…… no matter what one thinks about 'climate change' one cannot avoid the fact that extremes are happening around the world - London just experienced their hottest September day on record… our thoughts are with those that have been personally affected. So while we are on the other end of the globe it is catch up time. I didn't get to the blog last night as I felt so weary - it takes an hour each night to post with most of the time spent preparing and uploading the photos, so I am sorry to you avid followers! So where are we? Iceland! William Morris fell in love with Iceland so we came to see the reason…and it didn't take long to see why. The peace, space and friendliness of the people are our first lasting impressions…….and the scenery is a photographer's heaven……..only one struggle that one must overcome rapidly is the cost of everything. Apparently Reykjavik is the most expensive city in Europe. We are on tour with 31 other travellers mainly from the US and Canada (there are six Aussies!). As it is early morning here I decided to catch up on the blog so I will just let you enjoy our day yesterday and natter more in future posts…..enjoy……

 And yes it rained all day and some images out of the bus window looked like this!……..
 Greenhouses for growing food……….

 Spectacular waterfalls, volcanoes and geysers……..

 We followed a Japanese promotional photography team (for 'Get married in Iceland'!)……..she must have been freezing as it was about 9C all day!……..

 Same models different place……...
 Black sand beach close to our first overnight stop at Vik…….spectacular basalt structures but killer waves……...

 Another photography team from the US and only seconds after shooting this image she was almost engulfed by the massive waves which take lives frequently without warning!…….

 Yep… was cold!……..
 the waves can sneak up if you turn your back……...


  1. Iceland! another country I would love to see - how lucky you are to see this before you head on home - that model must have been freezing - the waterfalls so gorgeous, hope you have better weather

  2. It wasn't on my bucket list, but now it is. What massive waves!

  3. What an amazing experience! I hope you enjoy Iceland. Thank you for all the photos.

  4. I hope your coat is keeping you warm. Xxxxx

  5. What a wonderful experience, I do hope it didn't make your sniffle worse. Might just be worth it though.


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