Thursday, 22 September 2016

Final tour day

Today was our last day with our fellow travellers completing a full circle around Iceland. It has been an amazing journey but somewhat tiring so we are looking forward to just chilling out for a few days. Overnight our hotel was on a golf course which made Larry yearn for a game…..

 Last night was our final dinner and a few of the group wore their new Icelandic wool jumpers…….
We had another chilly start where our first destination was the world's largest and most powerful hot spring. This spring supplies water to nearby towns travelling 64kms along a pipeline. It has a flow rate of 190 litres per second at a whopping 93C… standing close was not advised……...

 And a post box out in the middle of nowhere…….
 Next stop was another waterfall……..this one Hraunfossar where the water flows out of the lava. Barnafoss are also at these falls with a sad story of two children falling in………..

Some random views from my window today……...

 Our final stop was to the UNESCO site of Pingvalla - the ancient site of the Icelandic parliament Albingi founded in the year 930. This is also of geological significance as one walks through the fault line between the North American and European tectonic plates…………..

 Here we are standing on the American side and 7kms in the distance is the dark line of the European plate. It has been moving apart 2cm every year…..must get the geography books out when we get home as it is all so fascinating………..

 Some people take incredible risks just for a photo……….

We are both still suffering from the travel cold and the cough persists, so for the next four days we are going to take it easy…….and right outside our room we've found the perfect place to read and stitch! More in a few days with some final reflections of Iceland x 


  1. As always a very interesting post. So you're laying over in Iceland for four days? Have a restful time.

  2. Hope you do get some rest Michele and Larry, I am exhausted just seeing what you have done, and where you have been since you left home!! Thankyou for a very comprehensive report on your travels. xx

  3. Have fun on your break from touring - sounds like a little rest up is needed!! Such a beautiful country you have seen so much and thanks for sharing all the wonderful places you have been, I have enjoyed looking at all the photos

  4. We have had a great trip haven't we? I could almost feel the cold while outside here in Texas, we are still in 90 degree weather. Thanks for taking us along with you through those amazing photos. Travel safe.

  5. Hope you have a good rest and feel great for your next tour Michele and Larry. K xx


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