Saturday, 1 October 2016

Morris in London

Our day started with two house visits and places we haven't been before. Our first was in Kensington to visit Leighton House Museum - the home of the Victorian artist Frederic Lord Leighton who also happened to be President of the Royal Academy from 1878 to 1896. He was born in 1830 just four years before Morris and died the same year as Morris - 1896. I did not know much about this artist but what taste he had. I was besotted with his home covered with walls covered in Iznik tiles, De Morgan tiles and also a huge mosaic frieze by Walter Crane. This short video gives a brief look inside this incredible home……….
This is the painting that I recognised…….'Flaming June' completed the year before Leighton died……
 It amazes me how things connect with Morris and my own life. They were all contemporaries of Morris and this is the print that I just had to have and that Larry gave me ten years ago for my 50th birthday - 'Corner of the Villa' by Edward Poynter who happened to be a close friend of Leighton for much of his life……..
 I have just found this fascinating text about Leighton and Poynter and it turns out they painted together as young boys. It mentions their mutual respect of each other and that they were both gentlemen …and then to also read that my other favourite artist Millais was also a close friend. In fact they were all Royal Academy Presidents at one time and they now rest side by side buried in St Pauls Cathedral. Another serendipitous moment for me! You can read more yourself HERE.
 No photos were allowed inside but the memories will last forever.
 A quick walk around the corner and we viewed another house  - the home of Punch artist Linley Sambourne. Again no photos were allowed but this five story home was covered in Morris wallpapers!…….
Just a short drive away as we passed more Kensington homes we arrived at the Victoria and Albert Museum where we had an informative talk about the connection to Morris. I will let the photos do the talking………..

 Some popped over to Harrods before our tour!……...

 dinner in the Morris room……..

More tomorrow x


  1. Lovely photos once again Michele, you are certainly packing a lot into your trip. Had a good day trip to the city yesterday, was an exciting day for our group.

  2. Oh WOW - just when I think you have posted the best day, you hit us with this!! That dining with Morris tile wall is to swoon over.

  3. What beautiful homes. The boar hunt tapestry was one of my favourite pieces in the V and A. The colours were still so vibrant. Wonderful! K xxx


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