Saturday, 10 September 2016

Beatrix Potter lives again!

What a day it has been and it is going to be very hard to put it all into words but I will try! But first I need you to watch this touching tribute from Lindeth Howe (where we are staying), that I've shared before on the occasion of Beatrix Potter's birthday….do watch it again as it is very significant and you need to watch it before you read any further (it is only 6 minutes and you won't regret it!!)……
So today was book launch day and it is a day I will never forget. We gathered with midday champagne and canap├ęs and shared some of the quilts from the book…..the blue one will eventually live with Helen for when the little ones come to stay……

 Helen wore the 150th Beatrix Potter anniversary scarf that you can purchase here from the National Trust…...

 Then we were told that we needed to step outside as a surprise was arriving……and we know how Helen can put on spectacular surprises! Now that you've seen the film look who appeared as our special guest and walking up the very same spot in the garden……...
 As it had been raining she wore a different hat………..
 With trepidation I stood back but with some prompting I began to approach our special guest.  As I ran towards her for my typical 'in your face' embrace it became clear very quickly that she really was Beatrix Potter and in that moment in time….so hugs were not appropriate (and you will see by my expressions how embarrassed I was!)…….

then the tears flowed……….

This talented actress is in fact Judith Notley who has a lifetime experience of acting and directing……. 

I had the opportunity of sharing my work with her but it was still somewhat difficult for me to relate to the mature Beatrix Potter (really Mrs Heelis) but she had the incredible talent of keeping one in that zone……... 

Then it was the tears and hugs while Mrs Heelis prepared a surprise of her own…...
Out of her basket came a pet mouse which to start with looked real and then she read the "Tale of Peter Rabbit" to us all…….

As we ambled down to the veggie garden for photos Mrs Heelis still remained in that time and place……..

A wonderful memory with Alison (Lindeth Howe Manager) as well…...
It was wonderful to hear the conversation between Paul and Beatrix as they shared stories of farming and sheep. If any of us diverted to current time Mrs Heelis had the amazing talent of bringing us back. One comment from her was the speed of our cameras and the familiarity of us all……but bit by bit she peeled off the layers to reveal a much smaller person - the lovely Judith. (She later told me she rarely does this when performing). I was sorry that a few of us were leaving for an optional visit to Ambleside especially when I learnt that she stayed for several more hours nattering with the others. But what a sensational way to celebrate the amazing talent and persona of a mature Beatrix Potter. I will be forever in debt to Helen and everyone who travelled so far to share in this memorable day. Thankyou Helen xx


  1. Oh what an experience that you'll never forget. A wonderful actress who kept you in the time must have wonderful. Happy traveling Michele

  2. What a wonderful way to be with Beatrix and to launch your book! So special!

  3. oh Michelle what a day you had! one never quite knows what part they are supposed to play when you have an actress like that in the room! love the little mouse and it must have been an amazing day for you

  4. Michele - what a truly wonderful day and experience you have had! Your gifts, talents and the way you share everything with everyone makes you one very special person! Enjoy these special moments as I am sure you do! William and now Beatrix have become part of your being! You look wonderful by the way!!!

  5. How special Michele, enjoy the moment xxxx

  6. OMG Michele, I am crying, what an incredible experience. xxx

  7. Oh my goodness, I got goosebumps when I saw who was coming up the garden path. What an amazing day and I am sure very emotional. Congratulations Michele. K xxxx

  8. What an amazing day for you Michele. Congratulations on your book release and I hope you continue to enjoy the tour.

  9. Such a great experience and for a very deserving person. Enjoy every moment of your trip. Xx

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story with us. It felt like I was really there and my heart is still singing.

  11. Thank you for this, as I am an avid follower of anything Beatrix Potter. I searched years for a book on her and her art, which I finally found. As I will never be able to travel there, I thank you for sharing your special time in a very special place.


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