Friday, 9 September 2016

A Grand Garden in the Lakes

Today was a mix of rain, sunshine and lots of puddles but jumping puddles was a sheer delight amongst the oldest Topiary garden in the UK. The scene was set as we approached Levens Hall……..
 The interior is full of the most spectacular treasures including pieces that belonged to Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington. The most treasured piece for us all was seeing the oldest patchwork quilt in the UK dating from 1708. If you want to know more do visit the website as it is full of the most fascinating history of a house that has been in the same family for over 400 years! No photos were allowed inside but outside made up for it as we dodged the showers of rain……..

I cannot begin to imagine how old the beech tree hedge is but we think at least 300 years……...

 My enemy in the veggie garden…zucchini, squash and eggplant react violently with me but how lovely they look here………..

Tomorrow is a very big day with our book launch and I know Helen will make it very special! More of that very soon x


  1. So many pretty photos! Thanks for the treat ♥

  2. such a wonderful looking house and grounds - I went to the website to look inside - beautiful!! I couldn't imagine trying to maintain upkeep on a house such as this no wonder they had to open it to the public I guess a lot of the big mansions have.

  3. Good luck with the book launch. Thanks for the lovely photos, makes me keen to start trimming my bushes into shapes that strangely enough remind me of ladies bonnets and hats!

  4. That topiary garden looks like something right out of Alice in Wonderland. Lovely photos follow. What a treat you are sharing with us!


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