Friday, 1 April 2016

Winners and birthdays

Well tonight was the night to draw five lucky winners of the William Morris Garden pattern! Thankyou so much to all of you for your lovely messages and I am sorry if your name didn't appear this time. Stay tuned as I might just have to repeat the draw in a few weeks time as this design was so popular! So the names were drawn by Larry in the only way we know how……in a Tupperware bowl!……..
 So if you haven't received an email from me it means I am unable to contact you. So please email me with your postal address details so that I can pop the pattern in the post for you…….Clairellen, Sharon, Lynn S, Alison and Desiree. 
There have been a couple of special "O" birthdays this past month so I thought it would be nice to make something personal for both recipients. First was for Sue, a friend I have known for 48 years….now that is scary! We met in our first year of high school and both pursued nursing careers. I made several of my nursing friends a quilt when they turned 40 but I didn't repeat that for the 50th's! So with 60 approaching something smaller was in order. Now Sue is not a quilter and doesn't sew, so I hope she appreciated it. I forgot to take a photo but she sent me this one from her phone………
Many of you would have heard me write about a dear friend Dot who lives in Victoria and has an enormous heart which you can read about here: Stitching Generosity. Dot was also responsible for introducing me to pinwheels and has made several exquisite ones just for me. She is a person who makes you feel extra special and to receive something handmade by her is so precious……….

So with our shared fondess for stitching and also William Morris this was just right for her……….

It was so lovely to hear Dot's excited voice on the phone and I am so glad she loves it. And my voice was shocked as well as it only took two days to arrive in country Victoria….letters take longer than that! (and of course it is always good when things actually arrive after all my losses in the post!). Tomorrow I am on the road again, this time travelling five hours south of Adelaide to Millicent where I will be teaching at the Geltwood Festival. Larry is having a break at home this time as I have offered to take another tutor and in a small Mazda 3 there is not much room! I heard from the other tutor this morning and she is flying in from Sydney with three suitcases and a carry on bag so it could be interesting in our little car! I was fascinated to read that the festival is named after the Geltwood boat that was shipwrecked at the nearby coast in 1876 on her maiden voyage from Liverpool to Melbourne. There were 31 on board and no-one survived. There is a short video of the remains……..
I hope to get some photos of the weekend, so until then take care where ever you are x


  1. have fun at your festival! love the pillows

  2. Congrats to the winners! Pillows are always handy at our age - LOL, and they are beautiful! Stay safe on your travels.


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