Monday, 18 April 2016

Sunshine, Sand and Smiles

We have only one day left before we fly to Brisbane and then Norfolk Island for Quilt Norfolk, so plans today were made around the two littlest people in our lives. All the Norfolk class notes, patterns and books are ready for the big pack tomorrow……..16 kgs of paper work alone but I am sure between us we will manage. Today is normally my Monday morning sewing with special friends, but with time running out we thought a day with the little ones was in order. We did look after them on Saturday as well but today was extra special as we won't see them again for almost 2 weeks. I had been wanting to take them to a special Sandstorm event just five minutes from home but it will be all over before we get home from our trip….so today was the day and what a day of sunshine and spectacular sand it was. This is our local beach just five minutes from home……...

 And a little walk along the foreshore to this…………(and I cannot believe I missed some photos with the little ones looking at all this!)…..

 So as if that wasn't enough we then packed ourselves back in the car for a quick lunch stop and then a 30 minute drive to the Goolwa Animal Farm and it did not disappoint…. this has to be one of the best value outings for parents and especially grandparents south of Adelaide! Maisie clucked and quacked at the appropriate times but the bleating of the sheep and goats took her aback….much louder than she expected. The pigs were quite large too and it was a delight to see them enjoying their watermelon. As you walk through the different enclosures there were chimes to play and things to see……….

 The couple who run this farm especially for children are actually from York in the UK! They have been here seven years and wish they had come twenty years earlier! They were so hospitable and kind and we even had a ride behind the tractor………...
 And as an added bonus there is a huge play area complete with picnic settings, an obstacle course, bouncy toys to play on, an enormous sand pit, a race track and a cubby house that Maisie took a liking to……….and all right next to the animals…….

 Just a wonderful day with lasting memories for us all. The roses at home have been just wonderful and I am sorry that we will miss their blooms while we are away. The butterflies are hatching every day and one even posed for me on one of the roses……….

 I promise to get back to the William Morris quilt count and more pattern giveaways but that will have to wait until after our Norfolk Island adventure…..till then take good care x


  1. have a wonderful trip. I'd love to visit Nolfolk Island one day. I know how you feel about the roses, I missed my second flush from my Butterfly bushes, whilst recently "interred". From the "dead heads" remaining it looks like it would have been a sight to see.

  2. One amazing event, one super fun place for the kids and some beautiful flowers - you sure know how to fill the days. Have a safe and successful trip. Look forward to seeing all about it.

  3. What an amazing day with the little ones, they look like they enjoyed themselves. There's nothing like time with one's grandchildren.

  4. Lots of special memories for you all. It's sad that my grandchildren don't have the farm experience that I grew up with. (I think they need to crutch their sheep though!!)

  5. What a lovely day! My daughter is at Uni and they set up a petting zoo there at exam time to help reduce the student's stress. So they are not just for kids.

  6. I've got my big fat envious face on! Quilting with Michele and Norfolk Island. What a combination. Hope you get a little holiday time there as well. Enjoy!

  7. have a wonderful time on your little escape I'm sure you will have fun and photos to share. Thanks for sharing the sand sculptures they are just amazing - how do they stand up to time surely they start to come apart? Are they constantly remade? The children always love petting zoos don't they I remember taking my grandchildren when they were small to some and they always loved them.


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