Thursday 21 April 2016

A walk in Brisbane

I have been most fortunate through my quilt teaching to have seen places that Larry hasn't and one of those places is Brisbane….so today it was wonderful to finally share some of it with him. We are staying in a self contained apartment Brisbane Street Studios which are extremely good value………

 The apartments are across the road from the enormous Princess Alexandra Hospital - and we suspect they specialise in major healthcare including trauma as there are regular retrieval helicopters overhead. The bus trip to the city only took 15 minutes where we alighted at the South Bank Parklands. My first mission was to find my favourite coffee stop which Larry noticed before me………..
And after that an amble along the river……... 

 Our first destination was the Museum and in usual Queensland style the tropical heavens opened for a few hours of rain…...

First stop the Museum……..

One very BIG squid………

And then a quick dash out in the rain to the Art Gallery…...

 This elephant was constructed from tiny carved pieces of wood over a fibreglass base……….


 There were several pieces of hand painted porcelain from Ni Haifeng, a modern chinese artist living in Amsterdam and the iron took my fancy……..

 Some beautiful Spode…….

Gorgeous chinese 17th century jar…...

Quilt patterns in furniture.….

 And more rain as we crossed the river to get an early afternoon bus back to the apartment…..we don't last the entire day like we used to!….

More tomorrow x


  1. So beautiful. Have a wonderful time. And love your Dear William goodies that arrived before you left, what a beautiful idea and tribute to your hard work over the years. Oh wish I was nearer ... Dale

  2. beautiful -- thanks for sharing!! We don't usually make an all day tour anymore either - my hips get to sore and tired from all the walking unless I have plenty of opportunity to sit a bit off and on all day

  3. Wow - what interesting places you visited in Brisbane. There is so much to see in this world. Love the Spode.

  4. Another amazing collection of photos. You can never take too many gallery images, just stunning, even the frames. It is wonderful you share your travels so generously. You should have popped in when you went to the Mt Lofty Botanic gardens. We are always here. I finally had some upholstery done to some dining chairs in a Morris &Co silk, called Fruit, it is also a wallpaper design. Love N&K


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