Friday, 22 April 2016

Sunshine in Brisbane

We were so lucky today as the predicted rain didn't arrive, so first stop was a repeat visit to that amazing coffee shop! This time I requested dark chocolate drizzle and it was truly divine……
 Around the edge of the plate is written…."drink your coffee in a decent way - (don't forget you are an adult) then lick the chocolate leftovers to keep the child in you forever"….and I did!

 As we wandered down the river and past the artificial beach I was perturbed by how many people still bake in the sun. I cannot imagine how Larry feels seeing as he has had several melanomas removed and he's never been one to bake in the sun either…apparently years of playing cricket did the damage through the white shirts……….

 The bougainvilleas were blooming on the river edge……..

 The plan today was to take Larry on the City Cat….a catamaran that took us on a wonderful cruise of the river…….

 Love the covers on the very comfy seats…….
 Then we headed along our home town street to find a spot for our prepared picnic lunch and Post Office Square was our choice……...

 A short walk and we came across Anzac Square where Anzac Day events will soon be held……. 

 School children had left these wreaths……..

 During the morning I'd received a text message from our friend Dot who told us that we needed to find City Hall………..
and it was Brisbane's oldest cafe in the Hall that Dot wanted us to savour…..
 The entry was quite breathtaking…….

 and what a cafe……….thankyou Dot x

 We decided to go upstairs while we were there to visit the Brisbane Museum……..

 There were several other exhibits including these structures made of porcelain……...

 You can read about the artist here……..

 It was very restful and poignant to end our day sitting quietly as we observed stories of locals who lost their lives during WW1…………..

Tomorrow we fly to Norfolk Island so more after that x


  1. What a wonderful city. So many questions? Here are two: What is that in the photo below the lifeguard one? Is that building really tilted? I agree about the sunbathing. That mosaic floor would make a marvelous quilt. Amazing ceramics. I like that Australians are not quick to tear down historic buildings. I saw that in Melbourne when I was there. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Brisbane is such a beautiful place to visit, especially love that south bank area. Riding on the cat lets you see so many things relaxing without the traffic yet you arrive right in the centre of the city. Enjoy love the pics you have posted.

  3. I too think that mosaic floor would be a good quilt pattern - we find patterns in the darnedest places don't we. Such a pretty place - the coffee looks delightful! I am not a sun worshiper and never have been - I try to wear my sunscreen all summer but I do forget, when hiking I wear a hat most of the time especially in the mountains where it is stronger. We rarely go to the beach as we are not near one and prefer the mountains although I love a nice beach walk now and then if near one. The history museums on the war times are always interesting I think - seeing how people lived in years gone by


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