Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Life is changing

For a couple of years now I have been saying that I am giving up my quilt teaching…..what I should have been saying is that I am reducing my teaching. So this is an important post I want to share. As we watch the season change from Summer to Autumn I find myself reflecting on the past year. The leaves in the garden and on the suburban streets are dropping their colourful confetti……….

 And so too are those little caterpillar's changing after demolishing their source of food………
They are now on the move………..

and we've found them in all corners of the house resting in their beautiful chrysalis waiting to transform………...
 It is truly miraculous to see them dangling from such a fragile thread…..
 So as life evolves so must mine. After 31 years of being on antihypertensives I now have a heart full of tortuous vessels. For those 'in the know' my ECG tracings for the past few years have revealed 'upsloping ST depression'… a nut shell this means I have ischaemic angina and it jolly well hurts! I can control it with medication and if I don't walk fast or up hills! So for a while now my inner self has intuitively been telling me it is time for life to change. My overseas trips to the UK will cease at the end of this year and travelling and teaching at the end of next year. Instead I am thinking of maybe sharing trunk shows and of course some exciting William Morris events at home - that is an ongoing thing as I liaise with the Art Gallery. So thanks for your understanding…..but I will still be designing and sharing - that will never stop! 

Yesterday Emily came for a visit and Beau didn't want to go home, so it was lovely to have his company for a few hours. During the afternoon I could hear him chatting where I found him at the tree quilt telling the baby birds that their mummy was nearby! He has been unwell the last few days with asthma so I tried to find a treat for him at home and after receiving it he asked if I had something for Maisie that he could take home…….such a thoughtful little boy…………..

 And to our 'random act of kindness' friend the coffees are still being enjoyed and a few weeks ago it was with those two special little people. Maisie loved her babycino especially the marshmallow………
And a little treat for us today with just one wee chocolate from Bracegirdles…….

Life is good and it is lovely to have the heat of Summer behind us once more x


  1. sometimes it does seem that medical problems come into play and we know it is time to take care of ourselves and I hope less travel will be a great help to you in your health - I'm so glad that medication helps you. By changing to local trunks shows etc and cutting back a little - designing and things I hope you can stay active but at the same time take care of yourself. Wishing you well!

  2. Good decisions Michele. I am looking forward to hearing progress on the Morris project with the Art Gallery. I know this has been on your horizon for a while now. Will bring me back to Adelaide for sure when it happens. Lovely wee people.

  3. I have wondered for quite a while how you managed to do all you do. You have left your mark on so many of us with how you give of yourself. And we are the richer for being a part of your passion. It's our passion also. We want you healthy and enjoying those grandchildren, probably more to come. What ever you will be doing, we will be excited for you and looking forward to also. Take care of yourself. You are special.

  4. Oh Michele. So sorry to hear about your nasty health issues. You always looks so healthy you would never know there was anything wrong. You are very wise to take it a bit easier.....and smell your beautiful roses! Lovely pictures of the little people.

  5. Michele. I have enjoyed your bringing the love of William Morris into my life. I have happily bought both of your books and have pursued buying William Morris fabric. I like to read that you are putting your health first. Please take care of yourself so I can enjoy the love of William Morris with you. Your friend from the USA, Lynn Rodby

  6. You should not feel apologetic in putting yourself ahead of certain commitments, but being so conscientious I can tell it is a big decision for you. You must take care of your health, there is no question of that.
    What lovely photos. I am always fascinated by metamorphosis. Nature is miraculous.


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