Saturday 23 April 2016

Greetings from Norfolk Island

Well here we are in the middle of the South Pacific on beautiful Norfolk Island. We are all settled in so a quick view from my bedroom window…..
 Waiting on my bed was this lovely gift from the Quilt Norfolk team…..a William Morris mug, thread catcher, scissors and a gorgeous box of Morris cards……….

 and in the fridge a stock of goodies including our favourite New Zealand wines……..
 Larry will have plenty of rest time on the verandah and in this lovely lounge…...
and this is the view from the verandah  It was raining and very misty but in the distance is the ocean…...
 As soon as we had unpacked we hopped in the hire car and Larry quickly caught on to the local greeting…one finger as you are driving…...
 Our first impressions are of peace and quiet, lots of green and friendly faces…...
 We headed to one of the bays as we heard that a supply ship was in. It had been in the bay for several days as the weather was too rough for the small boats to go out and get the supplies. This is the only way that goods are delivered to the island and how it has been done for hundreds of years……...

 The cows roam freely and have right of way………..

 And then it was a quick visit to St Barnabas Chapel to see the William Morris windows……...

 And then at the other end of the chapel the Burne-Jones windows……..there are several more but I will get them another day
 and mother of pearl inlay showing the nativity on the end of the pew……..
 St Barnabas was built between 1875 and 1880 and follows the Arts and Crafts style…….

 And I was delighted to find out that our workshop is to be held in the parish hall so I am sure I will get a lot more photos when the sun is shining. Tomorrow is a day off and we will be up early for an island tour - more history and news of that soon x


  1. Bet Beau would love to see the unloading of the ships. The tide really goes out there at that harbor. That is some banyan tree. And the church is just magnificent. Those windows - Wow! Looks like it's going to be a fabulous visit.

  2. For many years when I was a child my grandparents holidayed on Norfolk Is, so it is lovely to see some photos, especially of the William Morris windows, thanks for sharing.

  3. Not surprised you headed for St Barnabas to see the windows! They are so beautiful. When you go back, look for the number 5 etched in one of the stones on the right side of the entrance door - towards the garden edge. Can't remember if it was barracks number 5 or something like that - one of the locals will know - anyone, done by a prisoner.

  4. Love that church and those windows! how great that your workshop is in the hall you can go look at the windows every chance you get. This looks like such a wonderful island to visit.


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