Monday, 4 April 2016

Taking a wrong turn

Well it has been a busy weekend and today was an extra long drive home because of just one wrong turn and one purposeful detour - what should have taken 5 hours actually took just under 10!! But first of all my thanks to the Geltwood Festival quilt committee girls for organising a lovely weekend. My class was in the board room of the council chambers adjacent to the library….and what a fitting display outside our classroom………..
Thanks also to the lovely girls who joined me in class…..I hope you enjoyed it all - such a treat to have a screen and projector too so I could provide some unexpected bonuses!….

Wendy Williams and I left Millicent soon after 8.30 this morning and I decided at the last minute to make a detour to show Wendy my most favourite part of South Australia……ROBE! It is always such a pleasure to show others some parts of our beautiful state and judging by all Wendy's oohs and aahs she loved every bit of it. First stop was the famous obelisk……

 Then some of the historic cottages that I adore……..

 At every opportunity Wendy could be seen capturing images on her iPad with ideas for a new quilt…...
 Then it was an early lunch of a shared platter of the most amazing pulled pork……..

 And some retail therapy for Wendy (and maybe me!), at one of my favourite shops……….

 We could not believe we had spent almost three hours in Robe so thought we had better dash. Now this is where I took a wrong turn….some distance later I turned left at the first ferry sign that I saw - only it was the wrong road and the wrong ferry! (Too much chatting I suspect!). Still Wendy did get to cross on a ferry (despite being the wrong ferry), and we actually got to see the one and only inland lighthouse in Australia!! I did not even know there was one - Point Malcolm Lighthouse. So it was like fate had taken us there as Wendy's brother is a world expert on lighthouses! Garry Searle (Wendy's brother), has written a magnificent coffee table book on lighthouses which I think I might buy for Larry for his June birthday. The ferry crossing looked the same until we got to the other side where I noticed some new buildings and then several kilometres later we found ourselves at a dead end! The frustration was having to turn around and go back the other way which must have added another hour to our journey……….
I guess this is for when the ferry operator is sleeping at night………..
 and there it was …..that one and only inland lighthouse……….

 Wendy enjoyed every minute of it and I have to say the 10 hour drive went terribly fast with all the talking. So it was very fitting to see this beautiful sunset at the end of a lovely day………..


  1. Sometimes wrong turns can be a good thing! It looks like such a delightful place to visit - all of it!! I remember going past an exit several times when road tripping with an old pal and several times dear daughter and I got talking so much we almost took a wrong turn or two too! So glad you enjoy your trip and it sounds like you and Wendy really got to know each other - friends now after that road trip I bet.

  2. What a lovely trip! Have you got any voice left? super photos.

  3. Glad your journey was good. xx

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day.

  5. Your fotos are always so lovely Michele. Of course, travelling with someone seems to go so quick. Wendy looks very familiar to me, although I've never met her!

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