Sunday, 24 April 2016

A new day on Norfolk

We were up early for our tour only to find out there was a mistake on our itinerary and we were nearly 5 hours too early! So back home to pack class notes but before that we had a little wander where we were reminded about the changes that Norfolk are about to go through. I don't really want to make further comment about it all but just to say Norfolk will soon be returned to Australian government rule. The green hands (and upside down flag), indicate those who are unhappy and we had heard some members of the community are currently overseas appealing to the UN……..

 The government agents are in place to assist with the transition but the flowers still bloom around it all…….

You can read about it all here……I look at as being a privilege to be here at such a historic time…….
 The quilt shop was ready and waiting but unfortunately a few of us were on the bus tour at that time…….

 Didn't expect to find this here along with a Tutankhamen museum……..

 And then the stunning island scenery on our three hour tour where we also learnt much about the history of the island……...

 The next three views were from my bus window and I recorded the places I want to go back to on my day off on Wednesday (especially to see the Georgian architecture)……..

 An unexpected stop at a local resident's home for afternoon tea………..

 and we returned to St Barnabas only this time with the interior lights on……….

It is quite fantastic to think that William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones designed these windows to reflect the Norfolk history……..

 This is an outdoor theatre where the Mutiny on the Bounty is re-enacted on some evenings……..

 And just for interest…..the local phone directory has a special section using the local language and also finding a person quickly by their nickname………(And the Norfolk language is a combination of tahitian and old english which you can read about here)…….

I will be busy working the next two days so blogging might not be until after that…till then take care and thanks for sharing our adventure x 


  1. I wonder does everyone have a knickname? LOL I was reading some of those and laughing - how fun. It looks like a beautiful place to see I bet you will enjoy it and well enjoy exploring on your down time - Larry will have looking at things while you are working I bet!

  2. What a beautiful place, you are a great ambassador for your country. What is your nickname? Larry's must be Happy with that great smile.

  3. Thank YOU for sharing your adventure with us. That's so fun that you can find someone by their nickname. Those stainglass windows are something! Take care,

  4. Thanks for the early morning reading Michele, a few days not checking and lots of posts from you. I had not read since your arrival in Brisbane. Enjoy your time away. xx


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