Thursday, 14 April 2016

Autumn Gifts

Today has been a day of wonder and joy in so many ways. The day started when I was half dressed and the doorbell went. I quickly pulled a towel over my undressed bottom half…..not a pretty sight I might add…..but I was too late! Fortunately the courier left the delivery at the front door. Those of you who have followed this blog for a long time might know about a dear lady known as "Margaret from Texas" who leaves lots of messages and sends me beautiful emails full of heart warming words. Well my delivery was from this lovely lady who I have never met and all the way from Texas! In this beautiful card Margaret starts by saying….."I was cleaning out a cabinet and thought of you and what a wonderful friend you have been to me"……..
Now these little gifts are not just any old gift as you will see………..

 I immediately got on the internet to try and find Margaret's phone number, but without success I had to resort to an email.  Words eluded me and the tears made the job of typing near impossible. Meanwhile Larry returned from an early morning shopping trip and before I could finish telling him about my gift I started sobbing. As life evolves people come and go, but some stay and leave lasting memories for lots of reasons. My philosophy in life has and still is to treat others as your would want to be treated….. but that idealistic view can sometimes let you down but more often than not it doesn't.  So Margaret - whatever small things I have given you I am quite sure this can never make up for it. They will be truly treasured and passed on to our grandchildren, and in your words….."I will share my passion with them". Thankyou x
So our day of 'gifts' continued……we had planned to make the half hour drive to the Adelaide Hills and in particular to see the Autumn colours of Mt Lofty Botanic Park. The colours this year are breath taking and it reminded Larry and I that we have so much to be thankful for here at home……..what a gift…..(and remember if you click on the photos you can get a much bigger view…….the photos do not do justice to the colours)

 Then it was time for a late lunch in nearby Stirling where Autumn was glowing also…….

 And when one is in Stirling one must visit Valerie and Mark! For those of you who have any of my books you will find parts of Valerie's home in some of the photos! Here her hydrangeas are glowing as is the rest of her beautiful house and garden…..even mushrooms and toadstools……..

 and a spectacular crow's nest…how they built this is truly miraculous…….

 So the gift of Autumn has been in all its glory today………and a little birdie told me that the cookery shop in Stirling had these placemats in stock…….couldn't decide on the blue, red or brown background but glad I went with the red which goes with the lamp shade purchased some years back at Kelmscott Manor. So Helen…..I think you need to come to Adelaide in April for that 2020 trip you are planning….we will have the gift of Autumn to welcome you and a big "William Morris in Adelaide" celebration!


  1. Lovely photos Michele, and right on our doorstep, well yours anyway! xx

  2. What beautiful parks you have - the autumn color is gorgeous! I can see why Margaret sent you those little pieces - the perfect person to pass them on to - she no doubt knew you would treasure them!!

  3. Your telling of the story of your gifts from Margaret brought tears to my eyes, Michelle. She is sweet to have gifted you like that and your gratitude is abundantly clear. That almost took away from my complete enjoyment of your wonderful photos.

  4. There is an old saying. One can never out give a giver. Your generosity is so genuine and you deserve whatever comes your way Michele. Enjoy!

  5. Amen Alison, that's the way I feel.


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