Monday, 9 September 2013

William Morris Tour Three!

It has been a busy few days but we are now all packed and ready to 'fly the coop' to lovely England and more William Morris! I will blog as often as I can especially for those who are unable to come with us (and would dearly love to!). There are many things I am looking forward to seeing again and it will feel strange without all our friends from last year....

And of course it will be wonderful to catch up with Helen - our intrepid leader and special there soon Helen!!
I've had several projects and deadlines to complete before we leave, but one of them is not to the stage I would like. It is my entry for our quilt show in November so it is coming with me. It will be a well travelled quilt but there is just too much precious time that could be used hand embroidering with four very long flights......
And as if we haven't had enough to true Hill style we have decided to sell our little home! We downsized over 2 years ago and have struggled with the concept of living on a community title in a townhouse with very close neighbours. (Had to try it to find that out though!) And now that the family is growing once again we are missing more space - we probably downsized a little prematurely but we have no regrets  I needed to do a much needed de-clutter after 26 years in our last home. Larry's brother will be caring for our place while we are away with visits from the real estate agent as well. So forms have been signed and photos have been taken, with a great record of memories and the prospect of a new chapter in our lives......

Next post will  be from England..our first stop will be a few nights in Oxford where we will be meeting Nicola Jarvis at dinner on Friday night....and she has booked us in to one of Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurants - Jamie's Italian. So till then - bon voyage, take good care and speak again soon! xx


  1. Have a fabulous trip and safe travels!

  2. Bon voyage, Michele. Wish I was coming with you!

    Have a safe trip in beautiful Britain.

    Love, Katrina Hadjimichael

  3. looking forward to travelling with you, if only through the blog. All the best with the sale of your place.

  4. Have a great trip and hope the house sells while you are away!

  5. Safe travels and enjoy William again. xx

  6. look forward to sharing your passion for "all things Morris" via your blog.
    Enjoy your time away and I hope that the sale of your townhouse is swift and everything you hope it to be.
    Keep safe. Love Denise xx


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