Wednesday, 29 September 2010

An overdose of Russian grandeur

All I can say is WOW and double WOW!! It started with the Hermitage museum and concluded with a canal cruise..........
 The crowds lining up for the Hermitage were horrendous!! Our group was booked in 
for 10.30 so at 10.20 we waited in the entrance. A very stern guard chucked us out in the
freezing cold because apparently we were booked in for 10.32 and no sooner!!
 I cannot put into words how amazing the experience was. I took over 250 photos today and I think 190 were in the Hermitage! So many floors, ceilings, walls and quilt designs to last me 5 lifetimes!

 Gold, gold and more gold

 Ahhhh......a quilt!

 And then two cathedrals.......looking up and up......

 The glass mosaics were breathtaking (above a detail of these mosaics)

 So then a canal, so cold (maximum of 9 degrees today)
 So a Russian vodka to warm us up!
 We could see why it is known as "Little Venice"
Tomorrow takes us to Novgorod and then Moscow


  1. Oh your creative mind must be in overdrive!

  2. Lovely Michele, my mind has just been inspired from your photos. Enjoying your photos, hi to Larry
    Seeing Jill today and the quilt!!
    Cant wait. Jude


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