Monday, 6 September 2010

Happy Father's Day Larry

Thankyou for your comments and emails and I am glad that you are enjoying our adventure from your computer! A little self indulgent for me to keep this blog but a great way to keep a diary of our journey which we can share with you. I even got a message from Blogger to say we can turn the blog into a book so that might be something good to do.
It is Father's Day in Australia today and Larry is far, far away from his
girls - well two of them! So this girl gave him his day. First treat was an
hour cruising on the river - got a smile out of him!
And then I found a free concert in the square - A Morris dance competition
Checking out the competition
And then they all joined together
A castle without stairs which Larry's knees and hips
were glad of! This is all that is left of York castle
And Larry being allergic to cats is quite happy to see them from this distance!
Actually it is a quirky touch from an architect - or so we were told on the cruise
No was just what I saw on the cruise!!!!
I believe these are good luck so this is for you Larry
(thankyou camera for letting me get get so close)
And Sunday roast at the pub above. This is what we would have
had for Father's day at home with the girls and their partners.
Check out that Yorkshire pudding and English brew
Then a final look at the shops at night
How appropriate (found on our walk in a cake decorator's window)

Tomorrow the train journey to my most favourite place in the world (apart from home)..........Edinburgh


  1. Hello Michele and Larry, glad you are having a good time, you look well. Talked to Jill last night, told her to look for Hamish' friend!! Am enjoying your photos, keep it up, I can have a virtual holiday!! Luv Judy

  2. Hope you had a lovely Fathers Day Dad!!! **big hug**

    Wow Mum, that photo of the ladybird is amazing!

    Miss you both lots, love Soph xox

  3. I've really enjoyed your travels. I have been to a lot of the same places and it is interesting reading visitors' opinions about the UK


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