Sunday, 12 September 2010

Highland fun

In 1997 we spent just one hour in a village that we fell in love with - Pitlochry. We decided to take the train there today just for a chill out day. It started out raining but in true Scottish style the sun came out.
Above and below: the roof at Edinburgh train station
And below - it intrigues me how everyone stands watching the
timetable. We just check it once and then sit down and wait -
seems to be a ritual to just stand and watch!

View from the train
And then the train came to a very convenient halt where I got this image of an
elderberry tree - so a local informed me as I have never seen one before
Beautiful Pitlochry
But there were people everywhere....why so many??
Well the sign revealed lucky to be there
So many people!
There were competitions including the highland dancers,
but I left my zoom lens behind and couldn't get too close
Each little black canopy belongs to a dancer
And this Dad has obviously seen far too many comps!!
 Two days ago I said to Larry that I felt sad that I hadn't heard one real bagpipe
playing during our stay here. Below is the closest I got yesterday - I did pay
him a pound for the photo but felt quite miffed that he didn't have a kilt on!!
But my wish was answered..........there were many bagpipes all playing at once! Sorry there are so many photos but I was just so excited and the sound brings tears to my eyes.
(Quite strange as my late mother simply hated the bagpipes!!)
To get so close was wonderful - they are all rehearsing for the big competition
And the photo below was intriguing - two chaps checking each pipe with some sort of digital gadget. Larry and I decided it was a type of decibel counter but how would we know!. All very serious though!
There were tug of war comps and a local told me they can take 45 minutes.
Look at the holes in the ground from their feet trying to get a grip!
Some hammer throw 'thingy'!!
And even bike racing - this was all on at the same time around the oval

All in all a great day. Tomorrow we will visit the museum and say a last goodbye to the Castle and the Royal mile. Monday takes us on an all day train journey to Oxford where I will finally be doing what I have been longing for - William Morris and Kelmscott Manor .......and more


  1. I'm with you Michelle I LOVE the bagpipes, it's the Scottish blood in me. I'm enjoying all your photos, especially Scotland. I was there in 1977 & have wonderful memories of it. cheers, Jan


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