Sunday, 19 September 2010

Morris and more

I am still having trouble with internet connections but have found an internet cafe - can't download my photos on their computers so now I have 45 minutes on my little laptop -here goes!!! This is my journey from Wednesday (now it is Sunday)
It is taking an eternity to load photos so here are just a few. The first two images are of Faringdon - this is where my Morris adventure started. Sadly I had to do it on my own - Larry had a tummy upset and had been vomiting all night. We had planned to hire a car and drive to Kelmscott but I was a little nervous doing that on my own, so I caught a bus to Faringdon and then took a taxi to Kelmscott. Had the most wonderful driver - Mohammed from "Faringdon Cars" who filled me in on lots of local knowledge. He has lived here over 20 years - thankyou Mohammed - you were wonderful.

And my first look at the Manor

Photos are not permitted inside the house so I will share the peace and tranquiltity of the gardens.
A wander down the back path and on closer inspection........
Space for three??? I like to have this space in private!
The gardens are simply beautiful and so tranquil. No wonder Morris enjoyed it so much. I sat for about 20 minutes on a garden bench thinking about him as the birds sang in the background - it was a very special moment. The other 'moment' was seeing his garden trench coat - seemed so real and his presence so strong. Different to seeing the textiles and wallpapers -this was very personal.
After the house tour I walked for about 15 minutes through the village of Kelmscott and on to the churchyard and a final "hello - farewell" at his grave..................

One of several cottages May Morris built (his daughter) and a
close up of the memory sculpture to her father
The entrance to the churchyard
...and behind a bay tree
The tranquil Thames river behind the manor where Morris loved to fish

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  1. All I can say is, "Oh, Wow!" I would love to live here (but hope there are some indoor bathrooms).


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