Sunday, 19 September 2010

More William Morris

Friday we took the bus to London and had a visit to the home of Emery Walker. This is reputed to be the only house in original condition with Morris furnishings. Walker mixed in the same circles as Morris and helped him set up Kelmscott Press and became secretary of the Socialist league. May lived next door and Morris a few houses away. No photos allowed inside the house but I had another one of "those moments"....Emery and his wife had kept a lock of Morris's hair and in fact Emery was at the bedside when Morris died. He also had some of Morris's ink and pens and two pairs of spectacles. How I wanted to touch them!

Yesterday Larry did the 2 hour Inspector Morse tour in Oxford and I went back to London to the V&A and Kelmscott House. I took way too many photos in the V&A (over 200!) so here are just a few.......

Lunch in the Morris room
And below - I found the ceilings more interesting than the silverware!

I am just about out of time so more photos to follow


  1. One can NOT have too many pictures.... this trip has been grand...and your sharing very see why Houston had to pass this year.....

  2. The photos are lovely and your reports are causing me to have "moments" as well. It would be a dream come true to visit Kelmscott! Thanks for sharing!


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